TheQEffectz offers Private classes to interested individuals who wish to have a one-on-one training experiences with TheQEffectz Online tutors.This class is distinct from the regular class in the sense that:

  • Student interact privately with tutor
  • Free mentorship
  • Easy Assessment and documentation

Notwithstanding, the regular and private class are similar as the same course outline are treated and duration of the courses remain the same.

Training Session

Under the public class which doesn’t have any training session(i.e classes can begin anytime), TheQEffectz online private class is limited to two sessions:

  • March to July- Intermediate skill level only
  • August- November- Beginner Skill level only

Thus registration for these classes are expected to take off 30-60days before the session commences.

Requirements for Participation

  • English proficiency: Student must be able to understand and write in English language
  • No race/tribe/religion restriction: Students from all race, tribe and religion are accepted for this training
  • No location restriction: Students from all over the world are welcome to participate in our private classes. Thus, a private class is not limited to local students.
  • Age restriction: Student must be between the age of 10-50 years old
  • Skill/ Qualification level: This depends on the skill level class you are registering. For beginners,  no existing skill or qualification necessary.
  • Mobile/Computer proficiency required: Student is expected to know how to use a mobile phone or computer
  • Active Email address: We communicate mostly via email, therefore it is essential that you have a valid and active email address; an email address that you can easily assess for information.
  • Telegram application: Because the class will be held on Telegram. Student is expected to download the application for mobile use or pc use. To download the application, please click here.

Materials, Equipment & Tools needed for class:

Every course is unique, therefore they require special materials and tools. These items are listed in the course syllabus. Students are expected to download the course syllabuses and purchase the items listed before the commencement of class. Visit here to buy them now.

Duration of Class

  • Under the Beginner skill level, all courses last for 12 weeks respectively, I.e three months
  • Under the Intermediate Skill level, all courses last for 16 weeks or more.

Number of Students to Enroll

So because we have limited tutors, we will be taking only 10 students per session for now.

Courses, Syllabus  & Pricing




Business & Entrepreneurship



N5,000 / $14USD

N10,000/ $27.75USD

N10,000 /$27.75USD

N3,500 / $9.70USD


N8,500/ $23.60USD

N15,500/ $41.6USD

N18,000/ $49.90USD

N5,500/ $15.25USD

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