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Upcoming Events


Classes begin December 2nd to December 14th, 2019 on Telegram.

Price- N8000.

Early birds- 37.5% discount

Class is limited to 10 Students only.


How to use Valentina Patterndrafting software

About My Online Classes


My classes are held mostly on telegram. But unlike most online classes you might have come across, my class infuses the physical standard of training. This means that the classes will be held and conducted as if you can see me face to face.

  • English proficiency: Student must be able to understand and write in English language
  • No race/tribe/religion restriction: Students from all race, tribe and religion are accepted for this training
  • No location restriction: Students from all over the world are welcome to participate in both our public and private online classes. 
  • Age restriction: Student must be between the age of 10-50 years old
  • Skill/ Qualification level: This depends on the skill level class you are registering. For beginners, no existing skill or qualification necessary.
  • Active Email address: We communicate mostly via email, therefore it is essential that you have a valid and active email address; an email address that you can easily assess for information.
  • Mobile Phone/Desktop/Laptop: Online classes are impossible without a device that can connect to the internet, therefore, you will need either a mobile device or a desktop/laptop that can connect to the internet.
  • Mobile/Computer proficiency required: Student is expected to know how to use a mobile phone or computer
  • Telegram application: All classes are held on Telegram. Thus, intending students are required to download and install Telegram Mobile App from Google Playstore or AppStore
  • Aug-December; Feb-June all year round

Regular Class: View Syllabus

Special Class: View Syllabus

  • Beginner Skill level: All courses under this skill level spans between 1-3 months
  • Intermediate: All courses under this skill level span from 4-6 months
  • Advanced: All courses under this skill level span between 6- 9 months.

All classes are held on Telegram. Thus, intending students are required to download and install Telegram Mobile App from Google Playstore or AppStore

  • What is the difference between courses and classes? 

Because sewing and fashion designing are vast subjects, I divided them into the various aspects of fashion designing which are Patterndrafting, sewing, fashion designing and Business entrepreneurship while classes are based on an individual skill level e.g Beginner, Intermediate etc.

  • Why are the prices of the “Special” classes more than the prices for the Regular class?

The prices for the Special classes are more expensive because of the lifestyle of these “Specials”. As the name suggests, they are individuals who are different from others because of their lifestyles. They want to pursue their dreams of becoming fashion designers as well as their careers and ambitions. This is usually a herculean task and also, the state of the Nigerian economy demands it. As a result of this, they find it extremely difficult to cope with the regular class whose schedules are alot more defined. Their training plan will need to be flexible and adjustable in the event of emergencies and so on. As their tutor, I will also have to conform to their schedule inorder to ensure that they remain confortable, attentive and focus to see their fashion designing dreams come true.

  • What is the special class all about?

The special class is for those individuals who can not cope with the defined schedule and training plan of the regular class. Their training plan is more flexible and easily adjustable to suit their own schedule and time. So  their training period are usually more longer and classes are often held outside office/business hours.

  • Can I pay for your online classes in USD Dollars?

Yes you can. You can pay using either your Bank cards or through Paypal. Visit here to learn how to pay in USD

  • Are your classes held on Whatsapp?

No. My classes are held mostly on Telegram because Telegram provides a more versatile and elongated video upload than Whatsapp.

  • Can I register for more than one course at a time?

Yes you can. But I often advise students to stick to one course at a time. This is because of how voluminous and demanding these courses are.

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Why sign up
for my classes?

I render quality and professional online training for both the public and "The Specials". The Specials are students who for one reason or the other can not cope or work with the general schedule of online training and require special attention, patience and time.

Working mums & dads

Because I'm a working mum as well, I understand the challenges involved in learning a new craft, staying employed and managing the home. It's one hell of a herculean task. This is why my training plans are flexible and accomodating for the Working mum and dad who really want to sew.


Because learning how to sew can come in handy for students, I run a special programme that helps to harmonize the busy schedule of a student and their passion to learn how to sew and to design clothes.

Full-time Housewives & Stay-home dads

When it comes to looking for the right hobby or skill to build or develop, I'm there to ensure that the free-timers and less busy bees are occupied nevertheless. With a more comprehensive and intensive training, they get value for their money and time.

Other Benefits

In developing countries like our beloved Nigeria, developing a skill is one of God’s gift to you. It will not only boost your confidence as an individual and set you on the path of fulfilment, it will also set up above your peers.

Learning how to sew online does not only ensure you learn the skill proficiently, but by doing so and setting out to make outfits for customers and clients, you become financial empowered to provide for your family or to expand your sew business even further.

You will nolonger need a collar job or be answerable to anyone besides your financial books and tax company. With TheQEffectz, we can help you actualize your dreams and aspirations of owning your own fashion designing business and running it smoothly too.

My Specialities

  • Patterndrafting
  • Sewing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Business & Entrepreneurship

Skill level


1-3 months
Courses taught under this category are for dummies, starters or newbies. They are beginner friendly and are setup to transform interested individuals to intermediates.


1-4 months
This is the skill level that houses courses that are intermediate friendly. Individuals under this category are neither beginners or professionals


1-6 months
All courses taught under this category are for individuals who are neither beginners or intermediates. Courses taught under this category are designed to transform students into professionals.

Don't know what skill level you are?

Trendy Courses

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...that works for you


Regular  Class

Feb-June; Aug-December

  • One course per skill level
  • Topics are treated in Video & Written Format
  • Sessions are held once a year
  • Training is held as a Group Class
  • Regular Training schedule and syllabus
  • Manual Student Assessment
  • Certification


Special Class

On request. Contact us for information

  • One course /student/ skill level
  • Topics are treated in Video & Written Format
  • Sessions are held anytime of the year
  • Training is held as an individual class
  • Prediscussed schedule
  • Manual Student Assessment
  • Certification

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