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Join our sew community to stay connected to sewists from around the world

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Share your ideas , problems and solution. Get fresh sewing ideas and tips to spice up your sewing ventures.


When you are in dire need of help, staying connected to other sewists can begin the process of finding a solution to that pressing need.


Stay inspired to sew always by interacting with other sew lovers, enthusiasts and fashion designers


In this community, members are obligated to help one another and offer practical solutions to pressing needs and demand


Members are not only the first to learn about free tutorials and freebies from TheQEffectz, they also win free airtime.

About TheQEffectz Sew Community

TheQEffectz sew community is a community hosted on telegram where sewists, fashion designers, tailors, bag-makers, shoe-makers, jewelries and business men and women come together to share ideas, problems and solutions

  • Mondays- Beginners Q & A Day 
  • Tuesdays- Sharing ideas day
  • Wednesdays- Intermediates & Advanced Q & A day
  • Thursday- Style Inspiration day
  • Fridays- Rant & Advert day
  • Saturdays- Showcase day & Game night

Just like every other community, TheQEffectz Sew Community on Telegram is govern by rules and regulations and they include:

1. Thou shall contribute to the group: The community is not all about receiving, it is about giving as well. If we were all givers, there is a bigger chance that we will learn from one another. Therefore, as a member, your regular contribution will be greatl appreciated, However, non-contributors without the sole permission from the Group Administrator will be removed

2. Thou shall be punctual: The community opens 8am everyday and closes 10pm. Any discussion before the opening time or beyond the closing time of the group will be disregarded and the participants fined N100 or face immediate removal from the group.

3. Thou shall be kind: As a member of this community, being kind is a rule which means, you must be opened to helping others and providing solutions. As a result, chatting with only selected few in the group (possibly because you are more familiar with them than others) is prohibited.

4. Thou shall not spam: All non-sewing/fashion related adverts, posts, messages, information or materials without the expressed authorization of the Group Administrator , no matter how well-meant, is prohibited from the group.

5. Thou shall be responsible for conversations outside the group: This means that if you decide to chat with any member of the community outside the chat time of the group, it is at your own risk. TheQEffectz will not be responsible for any damage.

6. Thou shall focus on the sole purpose of this group: This means that if your intention of joining the group is mainly to pick up girls or boys, you are on your own. If caught, you will be fined N100 or faced with immediate removal from the group.

7. Thou shall indulge in at least one project a week: As a requirement, members are obligated to make atleast one project per week to showcase on Saturdays.

8. Thou shall be obedient: Members are obligated to obey the rules and regulations of the sew community as well as instructions from the Group Administrator. Anyone found wanting, will be fined N100 for his or her offence.

The benefits of joining TheQEffectz Sew Community are numerous to state a few:

1. As a sew enthusiast or lover, you stay motivated to keep sewing and designing clothes through our regular showcase of work done in the week, because you see in this community, members are obligated to indulge in atleast one project a week. This way, they stay motivated to sew always.

2. You learn new sewing tips and ideas: Because this is a community of sewists with various sewing skills and levels, you can learn new ideas, shortcuts and technique on how to sew and design clothes.

3. You learn about job openings: As members, we share any fresh and available job opportunities or events in the fashion designing and tailoring world so that you can make money from doing what you love.

4. As a member, you stay connected to other sewists. So, if there are any questions, issues or problems you are facing, you can easily lay them out in the house and get response and help.

5. Positive criticism: Here, you receive positive criticism for work done so that you can grow and sew better.

6. Competitions: Occasionally, a competition is set up in the house to challenge members into being productive and motivated and as a result, members stand the chance to win amazing prices

7. And the benefits keeps growing and growing.

How To Join?

Download & Install Telegram

Download & Install the Telegram Messenger Application to your mobile devices, pcs/desktop

Fill & Submit subscription form

Fill the community’s subscription form. All details must be entered correctly

Pay Membership fee

Pay membership fee of N200/$0.64 USD. Send proof of payment to TheQEffectz Whatsapp/Telegram customer service via +2348030971467


I joined TheQEffectz Sew community two years ago and ever since then, my fashion designing business has grown immersely. Whenever I need help, the community is always there to help me.
Sandra Ojiefor
I am a beginner in sewing and because of that, I don't know alot of things about fashion designing. So whenever I am confused or don't know how to make some styles, I send the photo of the style I want to make to the community and they always help me.
Etinosa Idehen
What I love most about the sew community is the games. Madam Q which holds once every month in the community and members get to win free airtime and sometimes, even cash gifts.
Silas Chukwuemeka

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