Pattern-drafting for Beginners

TheQEffectz Pattern-drafting course for beginners is a four-unit course that requires 30 minutes to 1 hour of in-class work, and maybe one more hour outside of class on study and other activities each over the 12 weeks semester. Students taking this course should plan on spending up to eight hours a week on the course. Competencies will be listed for each class.

The course follows the Nigerian and International standards of how fabrics are cut and also pinpoints the most basic aspects of pattern drafting or making. Because of how relevant this aspect of sewing is, we will be looking at each topic in a spread of a week per one topic.


  1. To acquaint students with the basic terminologies of pattern-drafting and making
  2. To acquaint freshers with the common basic pattern making methods and tools and how to use them
  3. To acquaint students with various Pattern-drafting projects, in order to develop their confidence and trust in using patterns both personally and commercially.
  4. To familiarize students with other alternative ways of making patterns.


Materials, Equipment & Tools Required for This Course:

  1. Good internet connection
  2. Mobile device/PC/Laptop
  3. Pattern paper
  4. Pencil & Eraser
  5. Rulers & Curves
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Tracing wheel
  8. Paper scissors
  9. Pins
  10. Notcher
  11. Tracing paper

CONTACTING THE TUTOR: You can contact the tutor via :



Most of the required reading will be reading of materials posted in each class. Reading additional e-books is recommended for every topic studied. The material presented by the tutor will seldom duplicate what is presented on these available e-books, so these books should be used as add-ons to complement the online class materials. The suggested books will be listed after each class. It is therefore best that you read and practicalize the contents of the suggested books before or after the dates of study proffered by the tutor.

To be able to read any of these e-books (after download) from your mobile devices, laptops or pcs, you will need an PDF, EPUB or DOC. Reader. Click here, if you do not already have these applications installed on the abovementioned devices.

Videos clips and Online video tutorials are incorporated into the beginners’ online courses. To view these clips or video tutorials, you will need a flash player and video player. To get any of this required application, Click here.


Ungraded assignments for testing yourself on class explanations and other activities will be available at the end of every class. Answers and explanations will be proffered the next day in class by the tutor. Tests will however be prepared at the tutor’s discretion, day and time. Such tests will be made available as in-class quizzes. These quizzes will thus give you a good idea about how well you are learning the courses. These tests will be in the form of self-check quizzes of multiple choice answers. In the place of more practical quizzes, students will be expected to prepare projects, make a short video of how they were done and mail them to their tutors.

  • FINAL EXAMS: These questions will be prepared towards the end of the session by the various tutors. Also, in the form of practicals, the students will be expected to submit in their works (which could be in the form of photos or videos) to be graded by tutors.
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Course Materials

Good internet connection Mobile device/PC/Laptop Pattern paper Pencil & Eraser Rulers & Curves Measuring tape Tracing wheel Paper scissors Pins Notcher Tracing paper

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