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As earlier mentioned, TheQEffectz is currently embarking on a sewing project we tagged ‘TheQEffectz Men Sewing project’ which is expected to run for three months. So for the passed two months and some weeks, we’ve been treating tutorials related only to male outfits. So far, we’ve treated HOW TO MAKE A VARSITY JACKET, HOW TO MAKE A DANSHIKI SHIRT, HOW TO MAKE AGBADA(FOR MEN) and HOW TO MAKE A BASEBALL CAP( As crafts). And now we are going to be looking at how to make a trousers pattern for men. Please note that this tutorial is for intermediate sewists only. Click here to download how to make a trousers’ pattern for beginners. It is currently available for free.


What is a Male Trousers or pants?

A Male trousers/pants, as the name suggests, is a type of trousers or pants worn specifically by men at the lower part of the body. The perfect pair of trousers should follow the natural shape of a man’s body: widest at the waist, tapering all the way to the ankles, with no excess fabric hanging loose or billowing.

Trousers are often tailored for wear with suspenders rather than belts, in which case the fall will be even longer and the fit slightly looser. This allows the pants to “hang” on the man’s body, which presents a very smooth and flat drape.


1. Two Super wide Pattern Paper: This could be newspaper, cardboard or scrap fabric. 2. Body statistics: The body statistics needed are:

  • Waist: Place your measuring tape round your client’s waist (an inch below the belly button). Using me as your male client, my waist circumference is 31 inches.
  • Hip: Place your measuring tape round your client’s hips. If I was your male client, my hip circumference will be 40 inches.
  • Thighs: Place your measuring tape round one of your client’s thighs. If I was your male client, my thigh circumference will be 25 inches.
  • Knee: Place your measuring tape ‘loosely’ around your client’s knees. This is important because you wouldn’t want the trousers to be too tight around your client’s knees. Otherwise, this will inhibit his movements and could cause sudden tight or wear of the trousers. If I was your client, the circumference of my knee will be 18.5 inches.
  • Half length: Place your measuring tape at the side of your client’s waist and measure the distance between the waist and ankle. If I was your client, my half-length will be 40 inches.
  • Crotch: To get the crotch length of your client, place the measuring tape from the back of the waist, through the torso to the front. This is also known as measuring the Rise(See figure above.3. Pen/pencil/marker/ and Eraser.

3. Measuring tape. 5. Tracing wheel 6. French curve, hip curve and straight rulers. 7. Scissors & Notcher. 8. Measuring table.


Making Pencil trousers pattern (for clients) will be divided into the following steps: (1) Making the front pieces (2) Making the back pieces (3) Inserting pleat/darts.

(1) Making the front pieces: This segment will be divided into (a) making the front pieces pattern (b) Adding fly

a) Making the front pieces pattern: To make the front pieces pattern of the trousers pattern for a client. Kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Fold your pattern paper into equal halves and label all four sides from A-D as shown below.

Step 2: At the bottom, line CD, Measure 2.5 inches for foldings or for cuffs and mark.Note:

Cuffs are small bands around each ankle of the trousers or pants. They add a bit of extra weight to the garment, which helps pull the trousers or pants straight at the bottom and keep them from billowing about too much

Then draw a horizontal line from that point to line AC and BD as shown below. This will be the ankle level. Therefore let this new line be represented by C1 and D1.

Step 3: Then measure your client’s half-length from line C1D1 and mark. As earlier mentioned, using me as your male client, my half length is 40 inches.

Draw a horizontal line from that point to meet line AC and BD. This will be the waist level. Therefore, let this new line be Line A1 and B1.


Download the full tutorial


This tutorial is also available to international customers. Please visit here to learn how to buy this tutorial in USD.

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