To become an online tutor here on TheQEffectz, the following are required:

  1. You must be currently unemployed
  2. You must have good written and oral English skill
    Sewing/Patternmaking/Craft-making/Diy skills
  3. Sewing studio
  4. Laptop/Pc and smartphone
  5. Digital and Media Applications: Picture and Video Camera, Picture and Video Editors, Microsoft Word, File converters, Pdf and Epub reader.
  6. Regular Data Subscription
  7. Active social media: Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn.
  8. Active Email Account.
  9. Active Bank account


1.Preparation of courses: As a sew tutor of TheQEffectz E-training center, you are expected to prepare your preferred course syllabus and topics (either as written or as videos classes) within TheQEffectz preparatory guidelines and practices.

2.Time and Duration: As a sew tutor, you are also to determine the time and duration for your course .

3.Answering Questions: Because you are the author of your classes and lessons, you are responsible for answering any question proffered by your students via the comment box or email.

4.Student assessment: As a tutor, it is your duty to assess your students by assigning projects, setting up quizzes or tests, projects, assignments and setting up examination questions. Therefore, it is also your duty to grade each student.

6.Research: As tutors, we may not know everything, therefore it is your duty to carry out researches regarding any probing question or enquiry.

7.Liaise with Other tutors: As a sew tutor of TheQEffectz E-training center, you are expected to have a good and conducive working relationship with other tutors to keep the team spirit. TheQEffectz E-training center will be impossible if all sew tutors do not work together to ensure that our objectives are met.


As a tutor you can benefit from teaching on our platform in the following ways:

  1. Monthly Pay: Your total course sale minus site management fee will be mailed monthly to you
  2. Sale of Tutorials: You can also put up your own ebooks and video tutorials for sale in the TheQEffectz resource’s store and TheQEffectz Mobile App. However, classes treated via video or otherwise, must be made available for free in the respective classes.
  3. Sale of Physical goods: TheQEffectz already has an online shop where it sells both physical and digital goods, and this shop is opened to tutors and the public at large, who wish to sell either their digital products or physical products like already-made dresses, shoes, bags, jewelries, sewing machine(new or fairly-used), mobile phones, laptops e.t.c) @ 20% royalty. However intended vendors will be responsible for making deliveries.
  4. Business Promotion: Teaching on our platform is an indirect way of saying you know your onions when it comes to sewing and fashion designing. And it is thus another way of promoting your business. Clients and customers alike would want to patronize what you do.
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