[New e-Pattern Alert!] WRAP RUFFLE DRESS e-PATTERN

Hello Sew lover! Compliments of the season! It’s going to be Christmas soon and I am so excited to inform you that you can now download the sewing pattern for this outfit from TheQEffectz Store.

This dress is perfect for pregnant women and nursing mothers. But then again, anyone can wear it.

By the way, see similars:

I spent weeks preparing this pattern- you won’t believe it- because I wanted it to be alot more informative than the previous e-Pattern I drafted.

This e-Pattern is different from the previous one because it contains a Pattern Guide.

A Pattern Guide is an informative/ descriptive guide that helps the user of the sewing pattern to cut out the pattern on fabric and sew it. Therefore this e-Pattern contains

  • A cutting layout guide
  • A Fabric cutting guide
  • A Sewing Guide

So the sewing pattern does not only teach you how to properly cut out your sewing patterns after assembling them but also how to sew your cut out fabrics.

To learn how to assemble electronic sewing patterns, please click here.

So that’s it guys!. Make sure you over to TheQEffectz stores and download it for just N800 or $2.24 USD or simply click the “Add to Cart” button below. It is available in US Misses size 10-18.

So till next time for more juicy updates, kisses!

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