Hi sew lover!

Happy weekend.

So from December 2nd 2019 to December 14th, 2019 I will be giving a class on Computer Patterndrafting for Beginners.

For those not familar with the term, Computer Patterndrafting is the a patterndrafting technique that involves drafting patterns with the use of a computer system. These patterns are drafted using with custom or standard body measurements and stored in electronic format e.g pdf, svg and so on.

In this class, you will learn:

  1. All about Electronic/ Digital Sewing Patterns
  2. Recommended Patterndrafting Softwares for home and industrial use
  3. How to draft Electronic/Digital Sewing Patterns using Valentina CAD
  • How to download and install Valentina Software
  • How to use the various Valentina tools
  • Project: How to draft a basic bodice block using Valentina

4. Testing:

  • How to print electronic/ digital sewing patterns
  • How to assemble electronic/ digital sewing patterns
  • How to place electronic/ditigal sewing patterns on fabric and cut
  • Testing the pattern
  • Making adjustments/ correction
  • Readjusting the pattern

All topics besides 1 and 2 will be treated as video lessons of course.

Requirement for Training:

  1. Existing Patterndrafting knowledge: This means you must already have idea how to draft patterns physically. Don’t know how, then sign up for a Patterndrafting class with me. Visit here to register now.
  2. Computer system i.e Pc/Laptop: You will need any of these devices to be able to download, install and use patterndrafting software
  3. Smart Mobile phone: To connect with me on Telegram and to download the various video lessons.
  4. Telegram: This application should be installed on your mobile phone. Visit Google Playstore or Appstore to download it now.
  5. Printer: To print out your electronic sewing pattern
  6. A4 paper:
  7. Custom Body measurements

As usual, participants will be given assignments and tasks to be submitted on given time and dates.

How to participate

  • Make a payment of N8,000 or $22.50 USD. Click here to pay now or click the “Add to cart” button below to pay. Early birds get a discount of 37.5%

Don’t know how to pay in USD? Click here to learn how or watch the video below.

  • Send proof of payment to TheQEffectz Whatsapp or Telegram customer service via +234803097147

For more details and information about this class, please contact TheQEffectz whatsapp/ telegram customer service or call/ contact us.

So till I see you in class, kisses!

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