Free Class Alert: CORSET-MAKING

Hi Sew lover,

Happy Nigerian Independence in arrears! I hope you had a nice holiday yesterday. I know I did.

Anyway, I’m here to briefly inform you that I will be giving a free pattern-drafting and sewing class from October 10th to October 12th on Corset-making in TheQEffectz Sew community. So if you are not yet a member of TheQEffectz Sew community, please click here to join now. Membership fee remains N200 per annum.


Below is the class schedule and lesson plan:

Thursday, October 10th, 2019Introduction to Corset-making, importance, relevance and use. Types of corsets, Body measurements required and how to measure;Pattern-drafting techniques required in making a corset; Modifying the basic bodice into a corset pattern using flat pattern-drafting9am-12noon
Friday, October 11th, 2019How to sew a corset: Cutting the pattern on fabric, casing/lining; Boning, Adding plastic bones, Finishing.9am-12noon
Saturday, October 12th, 2019Questions and Answers12noon

My latest tutorials:


  • Must be a member of TheQEffectz Sew community. Not a member? Click here to join now.
  • Intermediate/ Advanced Skilled
  • Must be able to read and understand English

Do note though, that during the class, participants will be expected to show me their works as we go. That is how my class works. Inhouse participation is always required. So please come prepared with all your sewing tools and materials.


The required materials and tools needed for this class are:

  1. Pattern-drafting papers
  2. Tracing papers
  3. Markers/Pen/Pencils
  4. Already drafted Custom or Standard blouse block or pattern
  5. Ankara fabric( 2.5 yards)
  6. Lining(2.5 yards)
  7. Breast pads or cups
  8. Interfacing( aka gumstay, paper stay)
  9. Plastic bones
  10. Double faced paper tape/cellotape
  11. Matching thread
  12. Overlock machine(where necessary)
  13. Sewing machine
  14. Steam Pressing iron
  15. Hook & eye/magnetic snaps & ribbons


Please do note that shortly after the class is over, all topics related to this class will be taken off the sew community to be made available for sale on TheQEffectz Online shop. So if you miss out on this free opportunity, you will have to buy the course later on.


How to draft, Publish & Sell Electronic Sewing patterns

The course- How to draft, print and publish electronic patterns will be coming very soon; definitely before the end of this month

So make sure you are following us in all our social media platforms, i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ theqeffectz to stay informed.

Job opportunities

Don’t also forget that our recruitment portal is still opened to those who wish to teach others via TheQEffectz platform. You can become a member of TheQEffectz Teaching team by visiting here to apply for any of the given positions:

  • Patterdrafting(Draping)
  • Sewing
  • Crocheting
  • Bag-making
  • Shoe-making
  • Jewelry-making

Click here to apply now.

Application ends 31st October, 2019.

So that’s it guys. I look forward to seeing you in the community. Kisses! and see you there.

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