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So TheQEffectz currently has the following positions available to be filled by individuals who wish to take their expertise beyond the studio room and into the “online” world

  • Patterndrafting specifically Drape experts
  • Embroidery
  • Jewelry-making
  • Shoe-making
  • Bag-making
  • Crocheting
  • Male Garment making

So if you have great skills in any of these fields with an interest to expand your expertise beyond the landscapes of your work room, please visit here to apply now.

Requirements include:

  1. You must be currently unemployed. This is important to us because we want focus-minded individuals with little to no distractions at all.
  2. You must have good written and oral English skill: Certainly, there is no way you can teach online if you have absolutely no communication skills. Atleast you should be able to read, write and speak good English so that your students can understand you.
  3. Sewing/Patternmaking/Craft-making/shoemaking/bag-making skil/lDiy skills: Ofcourse, there is no way you can be able to teach your course if you don’t even know it in the first place. So please note its extremely important that you know what you are teaching.
  4. Sewing studio: 90% of TheQEffectz online courses are video-demonstrated. So we believe that there is no way you can be able to shoot your video classes without a sewing space or studio.
  5. No existing blogging or course creating skill required: This means that even though you’ve never blogged, or owned a site or taught online before. It wouldn’t matter. We will be training our acceptable candidates.
  6. Laptop/Pc and smartphone: Being online means you have to have the necessary tools or equipment that will ensure you are always online and these tools are without any doubt, a mobile phone or desktop/laptop that can connect to the internet. We recommend Smart phones/ devices.
  7. Digital and Media Applications: Picture and Video Camera, Picture and Video Editors, Microsoft Word, File converters, Pdf and Epub reader: Teaching online is alot of work. Youtube has made it seem extremely easy but the truth is that there is alot of work that goes into shooting videos, editing and publishing them. The above mentioned tools are what will help you speed the process and make your classes more presentable.
  8. Regular Data Subscription: To teach online means you have to constantly be online. So you have to subscribed to the internet all the time. So if you want to be an online tutor, you must be ready to do this.
  9. Active social media: Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn.: We’ll need you to have active social media accounts so that you can be able to let people around you know what you are up to. This business strives in popularity.
  10. Active Email Account: We communicate mostly via mail. So if you do not have an active email account, you may not be able to stay updated with us.
  11. Active Bank account: Of course, we will need an active bank account to pay you your monthly course sales when they come

The Recruitment process includes

1..BEFORE APPLICATION: Ensure you fall or have the following requirements listed above


  1. Visit here to apply.
  2. Visit your Email inbox or spambox for update
  3. Complete your application


  1. If successful, you will be contacted as the shortlisted candidates
  2. You will added to our Training group on Telegram.


This year, our training class for shortlisted candidates will begin November 30th, 2019. Only candidates who pass this training will join our Team of sew tutors.

So that’s it guys.

Visit here to apply now. Application ends October 31st, 2019


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