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Hi Sew lover!

So I’ve found a new obsession o incase you are wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.Lately, I’ve been building my digital drafting skills because I already know how badass I am already with real life patterns. Like I literally can not stop drafting. I’m fascinated by how extremely easy it is especially when you have the right drafting software. I can barely even focus on office work sef. lolx yeah, That is how bad my obsession has been.

For those who do not know what digital sewing patterns are, well they are patterns drafted using pattern drafting software and real life body measurements which could be custom fit or standard fit body measurements. These patterns can be printed out, assembled and used on fabrics.

I’m currently drafting a pattern for this skirt in Size 16L

In subsequent posts, I’ll be introducing you a bit into this brilliant idea and also providing the download link for this skirt in most sizes.

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Come January 2020, I plan to give a more elaborate and detailed course on how to draft, print, assemble and use Electronic patterns especially for commercial purposes.i.e if you plan to sell them.

So make sure you stick around guys, I have so much to show you.


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