Hi sewlover,

Long time o! How are you doing? and How is the sew business going?

Anyway, I’m here to briefly inform you of the latest changes here on TheQEffectz. Few days ago, TheQEffectz official website crashed and with it, went most of the tutorials I had worked so hard on. I mean, it was a devastating experience. But thankfully, I still have most of the tutorials saved up in my hard drive and we are currently trying to see how we can get them back online. So incase you visit a post(tutorial) and don’t find anything but words, please note that that is the crash I’m talking about and it is going to take us quite a while to get them all back up online. In order to speed up the process, we’ve decided to make them as downloadables.

So incase you are looking for a tutorial here and can’t find it in the usual link you are most familiar with, please visit TheQEffectz digital shop. You are most likely to find it there. All tutorials are most likely to be uploaded completely before the end of the year. So if you don’t find it, please be patient

Also, please note that all existing links to previous tutorials will be redirected to the shop.

Now, before I go, let me quickly remind you of the private class I will be holding for Beginners on Telegram from June 1st to September 31st 2019.

This class is not only an opportunity for you to transform your dreams into reality, it is an opportunity to become my sew buddy because I will not only be training you, I’ll be mentoring and investing in you. This is why this class is limited to 10 students only.

There are four separate courses:

  • Pattern-drafting
  • Sewing
  • Crocheting
  • Business & Entrepreneurship

You can choose any one or more courses you wish to be trained in.


Now before I breeze off, let me quickly share with you while my class is so different from any training experience you know and will ever be a part of. In my online class, the standards of a physical classroom applies. This means that the fact that you do not see me face to face will not taken as an excuse for you to default in your duties as a student. It also means,  I don’t just teach you, I train you. In my world, this means that as my student you are expected to:

  • Get all your materials ready
  • Be ready to work with me
  • In house participation is compulsory…meaning you are mandated to show me your work as we proceed in class. You are expected to follow me step by step.

However, this feature is  limited to local students only. Meaning as an international student, you are exempted from this since our timezone differs.

  • You are to submit your tasks & assignment as when due.

The reason I am strict about this is because I believe that for a class to be a training class, it is expected to be exactly as its name implies. I know that most individuals sign up for online classes because they want to be able to juggle between their passions and other relevance but I’m sorry to say this, but this does not apply to my online classes. If you want to juggle, you really do not have to register for an online training classes. Like I mentioned earlier, there are alot of tutorials on TheQEffectz digital store that you can download and use at your own convenience. On youtube, TheQEffectz youtube channel also has a lot of free videos you can watch or download to use at your own leisure time. You do not have to register for a training class if you are never going to have the time for it.

So please let it be clear that my private training classes are for those who are serious and have the time to be trained.


So if you are interested in being a part of it, please click here to learn more about it. Registration ends 31st May, 2019.

So till next time for more updates, kisses!

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