So as part of our curriculum in both TheQEffectz Intermediate and Advanced Classes coming this June, we will be treating how to make embroidery on clothing items using hand and machines. Howbeit, we all know how massively expensive embroidery machines are. Geezs! They cost a fortune! I think the cheapest is around N110,000 or there about. So in our classes, we will be teaching our students how to make embroideries using regular sewing machines and by hand; to serve cost.

And I bet you can’t get this elsewhere!

For those who think you need to have some sort of special skills before you can make embroidery, hmmm I don’t know. I don’t think you need a special skill for that. You can specialize in it if you want, but you don’t need some sort of superpower to become good at it. All you need is your creative mind, hand and/or your sewing machine. So stop wasting a fortune on those embroidery people. You can be them. You can do what they do!.
Oh my! Look at me gushing on and on about “Embroidery” when there is a fat chance that you may not really know what I’m talking about. Forgive me. Embroidery is just some fancy word coined to describe creative designs that are printed, sewn, attached or glued to clothing items to make them more beautiful and glamorous.
In Nigeria, it is popularly  known as “Knitting” or “Patching”.



They add beauty and spice to plain clothing or other fabrics. They can be incorporated into laces, chiffons to make them look unique and extraordinary. Adding embroidery to your fabric is literally another way of glamouring up.


Here is a peek into our first Beginner friendly Embroidery project by hand


Then make sure you are glued to our hip this June and learn how to make embroidery and so much more in TheQEffectz Intermediate and Advanced courses on Sewing and Fashion Designing.

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