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Do you know you can request for any tutorial you wish to see here as a free sewing, pattern-drafting or even diy tutorial here on TheQEffectz? Well, let’s say you need immediate help on a particular design as a sewist/fashion designing and perhaps our sew community have not been able to help, then feel free to request for that tutorial, as long as it’s not a tutorial we’ve treated here already or a tutorial in our online digital store.

All you have to do is:

1. You have to be a subscriber of TheQEffectz website or a member of TheQEffectz Sew Community on whatsapp to have your request granted. So there is a fat chance that your request will not be granted if you are not any of these.

So are you a subscriber of TheQEffectz website?


Then quickly visit here to subscribe immediately. Subscription is free!

Wanna join Our Sew Community on whatsapp? Then visit here to learn all about it. Membership fee remains N100 per annum

2. Fill our request form. So this is very important because we need to know exactly what you are asking. In this form, you can even upload the photo/image/screenshot of the design you want a tutorial for. So simply fill the form and submit. However, ensure that you enter your correct details in the form as we will need these details to contact you about the date and time the tutorial will be treated.

3. After submitting your form, you’ll be contacted within 7 business days via your email address or contact phone number about the date and time the tutorial will be treated.

4. Visit our website on that assigned date and time to view the tutorial.

That easy….that simple.

Please do note though that it is only one request per subscriber per week. Meaning, you can not request for a tutorial twice or more in one week, except you want to kill us fa….lolx. So biko try and space out your request as much as you can.

To place your request now, please visit here.

Then also do note that the sew tutor to treat your request is free to choose whatever mode of teaching he or she sees fit- that is, your request can either be a written or video tutorial solely on the tutor’s preference.


And just so you know, you can skip all these red-tapism and just let us train you at an affordable price.

See testimonials from our students in the 2017 August-December session

Beginner Class Acknowledge Video 1 from Quincy Iwediokpulu on Vimeo.

Beginner Class Acknowledge Video 2 from Quincy Iwediokpulu on Vimeo.

As you already know, you can sign up anything for our classes. We teach everything in our online training program(feel free to see our robust class courses & syllabuses here) however, currently available are courses for beginners. Courses for other skill levels will be made available soon. Do note that our classes are not limited to local intending students only. As an international intending student, you can also sign up for our classes and pay in your preferred currency. As long as you have a mobile phone that can have access to the internet, you can register for our classes and become that professional fashion designer or sewist that you’ve always wanted to be…all from the comfort of your home.

To learn more about our online training program, classes and courses available, pricing and features , please click here or Contact us.

So till next time for more juicy update, kisses!

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