Happy New Year Sewlover

Welcome to 2019!  A year of Victory. How was your holiday? Hope you had a fabulous Christmas celebration and New year jubilation with your family?. Did you make anything incredible while at it? If you did, please feel to tag us on Facebook @TheQEffectz or on Instagram @theqeffectz.

So in this year 2019, we have so much in store for you

  • TheQEffectz 2019 Sewing Competition
  • Free tutorials per week of course
  • Online & Physical classes
  • Return of TheQEffectz Mobile App(hopefully….lolx)
  • Expansion of TheQEffectz Sew Community

So we are so going to be busy this year. I’ll start though by introducing you briefly to the new E-training system we recently included right here on our website

Features of the New Training system

  1. No limited session: Unlike the previous system where students have to wait till March or August to begin their training with us, with the new system, you can register or sign up for any of our courses or classes whenever you like. Our training are no longer limited to just March and August.
  2. Course Selection: Through this new system students will be able to pick a desired course within their respective level of study or even beyond. That is, if you are a beginner, you can choose any beginner course ranging from pattern-drafting, sewing, crafts(knitting & crocheting), bag-making, jewelry-making and shoe-making. You will no longer be compelled to take any of these courses as  proffered by the previous system. However, you can choose to study more than one course at a time. The choice will be really yours.
  3. Automation: Once a course(s) has been selected and paid for, the training will begin automatically. Your timer for the course duration will start counting down. This way, we hope students will be encouraged to take your lessons more seriously and put in more efforts. Unfortunately, this means a student’s admission can not be deferred to another time or readjusted in anyway.
  4. Complete & Detailed Courses: Unlike our previous system, where classes were taught as per timetable, before a course is made available for study in this new system, all lessons must have been treated. Therefore, students will be paying for complete courses.
  5. Instant assessment: In the previous system, assessments were done manually and only monthly. With this new system, students are assessed immediately an assignment is submitted or an examination taken. So as a student, you can immediately see how well you are doing.
  6. Assignment & Tasks Portal: Unlike the previous system where we kept having issues with space, there is an inbuilt assignment portal where students can easily type in their assignments or upload them where needed.
  7. Comprehensive Profile: Unlike the previous system where details of the student are only limited to names and profile photos alone, the new system tabulates all student data in one profile. So as a student, you will be able to view the courses you paid for, assignment submitted or requiring submission, assessment and certificates.
  8.  Questions & Answers: Just like our previous system, students can easily leave questions regarding any lesson or contact their tutors directly via their contact details.
  9. Local & International Students: As a local or international student, you can pay for any of our courses using your country’s currency. So it doesn’t matter if you are in Europe, America, Asia or other parts of Africa, you can pay for our courses using your country’s currency. As long as you can read and understand English, you can be part of our online training classes. See how here.
  10. Diverse payment options: As a student, you can pay for our courses via Paypal, Credit/Debit cards( Naira or other currencies), or even Airtime. The choice is yours.

So with all these said, you can see how better this new system is. I mean it is one great relief and an excellent way to learn how to sew from the comfort of your home or mobile devices.

To learn how to register and pay for any of our classes or courses, please visit here or contact us via or via our whatsapp portal @ 08030971467.

So till next time for more juicy updates, kisses!


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