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I was literally up all night trying to make sure I deliver this tutorial on time as promised…😄.lolx because my baby rarely allows me do anything during the day. #Phew!🤧 No one warned me that motherhood was gonna be tough and that I would have to share my passion around. But anyway…I love being a mum and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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Now to today’s tutorial

What is a Scuba dress?

A Scuba dress is actually just a dress made from neoprene fabric also popularly known as “Scuba”. It is a synthetic rubber that’s often used to make wetsuits. The fabric is thick and doesn’t breathe. Its thickness also allows for creation of structured pieces that look out of this world. The weight of neoprene also means form-fitting skirts and dresses are more forgiving. You’ll never run the risk that your bodycon skirt or tight leggings are accidentally a little bit see-through. The material is always opaque, and its resiliency means it doesn’t really stretch out. Thus it will require the use of zippers.

Now outfits made from scuba could literally be anything from swimsuits to jumpsuits. However the outfit we’ll be drafting today is what is known as “Mini Six Pieces Dress“.

This is where the flare of the dress is created by dividing the bodice into six parts from the waist to where ever you want the length of the dress to be.

See similar:


To me, it is one of the most fantastic and easiest ways of creating flare garments. So today we will be looking at how to create the scuba effect using the six pieces dress method. Please note that you can not achieve this effect without the fabric.

This tutorial is for Intermediates

  1. Basic gown block:  A basic gown block is the combination of a basic bodice block and a straight skirt block.This block should be constructed using your body measurement or that of a client’s. Since a Scuba does not have elasticity, the back piece of the block should include zip allowances for the zippers. Don’t know how to draft a basic bodice block or skirt block, please see here or download TheQEffectz Mobile App
  2. Pattern papers
  3. Pen/Pencils/Markers
  4. Eraser
  5. Scissors

So the major procedure for making the Scuba dress is simply to modify or adjust the basic gown block and this process involves several steps:

Step 1: So the first step of adjusting the basic gown block is to insert “Armhole princess seam”(see here to learn about the other various types of Princess seam)

To insert the armhole princess seam, measure 1/8 of your bust measurement or that of a client’s from the bottom of the armscye of both the front and back pieces and mark.

Using my bust measurement which is 38 inches

1/8 x 38 inches = 4.75inches

Step 2: Then at the front piece, measure 0.5 inch on both sides of the new point and mark.

Step 3:Then at the front piece, draw slant lines from those two new marks to meet your dart at the bust region.

At the back piece, simply draw an inverted curve from the point at the armscye to meet the dart as shown above.

Step 4: Also at the front piece, reshape the point of intersection of the dart lines by curving the side piece as thus

Step 5: Clean off the darts below the waist lines of both the front and back pieces

Step 6: At the front side piece, create a flare that begins with an inverted curve as shown in the photo below

Step 7: Do that same at the end of the side piece as shown below

Do note to not neglect to curve the bottom of the flare as shown above.

Step 8: Repeat the process for the centre front and the side front as well

Step 9: Repeat the process also for the back piece

Step 10: Prepare a new pattern paper. Place your draft on it and retrace each parts of your pattern making sure to include the new flares

When done, your centre front pieces will look like these

Your two side pieces will also look like these

For the back pieces, your centre back pieces will look these

And the side pieces of your back pieces will look like these


And that is it.

I hope the tutorial was easy to understand. Got questions? then feel free to leave them on the comment box. To learn how to sew outfits like these, register for our online training program this session. Registration is currently on going to end 30th August 2018. See here to learn more

So till next time for more free sewing tutorial, kisses!

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.- Romans 8:1”

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