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Welcome to this week’s free tutorial- HOW TO MAKE A HIGH-HALTER NECK JUMPSUIT as requested by Osazee Osemwengie. Thank you so much for downloading our app and making a request from it.

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Now to the main event.

Like already explained here, a jumpsuit is basically a combination of a bodice and trousers. So to know how to properly make a jumpsuit, you must have already mastered and perfected the art of bodice-making and trousers-making. Thus, this tutorial is specifically for Advanced Sewists or intermediate sewists who can construct a knock out bodice and trousers for either themselves or for clients.


To conveniently draft a High-Halter Neck Jumpsuit, you will need the following:

1.. Basic Jumpsuit Pattern or block: This is the combined block of both a bodice and trousers that should have been constructed using your body measurement or that of a client’s

Don’t know how to draft a basic bodice block? Please click here or download TheQEffectz Mobile App

Don’t know how to draft A female trousers pattern? Please click here or download TheQEffectz Mobile App 

2. Pattern papers.

3. Ruler(Straight and french curve)

4. Pen, Pencil, erasers


 As already explained here, a basic jumpsuit block is a combination of a basic bodice block and a basic trousers block.

You will notice that unlike our previous tutorial, our basic jumpsuit has already been adjusted to include a zip allowance which extend from the bodice to the trousers part at the centre back.

This is because our fabric of choice(see photo cover) is made of ankara. Ankara fabrics are known to have no elasticity, hence they can not stretch. Therefore, we will need to attach a zipper to our jumpsuit to be able to wear it.

You will also notice that there is literally no adjustment to be made to the trousers part of our basic jumpsuit block, thus we will be making most of our adjustment to the bodice alone

Therefore, to adjust the bodice of our jumpsuit, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1:Begin by adjusting the neckline at the front piece. The neckline of the front piece should be the same as the back piece.

When done, your new neckline at the front will look like this

Step 2: Measure 2 inches upwards from both the new front neckline and the back neckline and mark.

Step 3: Using your french curve ruler, make a new neckline at the point, for both the front and back pieces.

Step 4: Below the old neckline at the front, measure 2.5″ to the right and mark. Draw a vertical line from top to bottom to meet this point.

Step 5: Draw a horizontal line at the front piece shoulder slope level

Step 6: At the point of intersection between the horizontal line and the vertical line, draw a slant line to meet the armhole. Do the same for the back piece

Step 7: Slash through this line and the old necklines. Remove the shoulders as well.

When done, your front and back pieces will look like this

Step 8: Readjust your back dart. Extend the dart line to the halter neck

Step 10: Then add back the slash to be made to the side pieces as shown.

This is because when you join the pieces together, they will become smaller. So to ensure that your body measurement is not altered, add back whatever you slash.

Learn more about this here.

When done, your adjusted bodice will look like this

When you cut out your front pieces, it will look like these

When you cut out your back pieces, they will look like these

And that’s it

So you can see how easy it is to take a simple bodice block or pattern and modify it into whatever you want.

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So till next time on more free tutorials, kisses!

” I can do all this through him who gives me strength”- Phil 4:13

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