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So it’s time to go way back….#radiovoice back into time….to the very beginning… and we are going to be looking at the Triple Bs of upper garment construction. That is Basic Bodice Block.

Now as a beginner in the fashion designing world, the relevance of knowing how to perfectly construct this block can not be overemphasized. I know that somewhere, you might have been told by some well talented “tailors” that pattern-drafting is a waste of time or probably, that you don’t need the stress of drafting patterns when it comes to fashion designing. But I beg to differ. Knowing how to correctly draft an outfit first on paper will save you a whole lot of stress, plus mistakes. It will also help maximize your use of your fabric. Trust me, the importance is endless.

So let nobody fool you into believing that you do not need to know how to draft patterns or know how to draft a basic bodice block.

Well taught fashion designers understand how vital and important a basic bodice block is and how well it can be easily modified to basically anything that is worn on the upper part of the body, using any of the various methods of pattern-drafting modifications( Register for TheQEffectz E-training program to learn more about this). From a simple bodice, a basic bodice block can be modified into an A-line blouse, pleated blouse, peplum blouse, full circular blouse. etc.basically any upper body garment you can think of.

So how do we draft a basic bodice block?

Take a peek into the tutorial

To get the full tutorial, simply click here to sign up for our Public class. Registrations for TheQEffectz 2019 Private class for beginners is over.

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