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So in order to give you  a peek of what we do in our training program, here is a detailed tutorial on one of the sewing projects my students are embarking on this week- A line dress

So just like in the Beginner class, where we taught our beginners how to cut and sew an A-line blouse, the Intermediates will be looking at A-line dress among the Dress series which also included:

Mini Six pieces dress

Skater Dress

Shirt dress

And so on.

Check out the syllabus here

So like I’ve said a million times. If you are not training with us, you are really missing out on alot. So register now. Registrations are currently on-going to end August 30th, 2018.

Click here to register now.

To learn more about our E-training program, classes available, pricing an features, please click here or Contact us.

But anyway, here is tutorial on How to make an A-line Dress.

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