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So did I mention that one of the added features of registering for TheQEffectz Intermediate and Advanced Class is that you get to learn how to make bags from scratch?

Oh yeah….we do not only teach you how to sew clothes and garments for both men, women and children, we also teach you how to make varieties of bags which include but are not limited to:

  1. Ankara Handbag
  2. Leather handbag
  3. Messenger/Cross bag
  4. School Bags
  5. Travelling bags
  6. Laptop bags
  7. Satchel bags
  8. Diaper bags aka Mama’s bags
  9. Make up purses
  10. Clutch purses…etc
  11. Wallet
  12. And the list goes on

So once again, if you haven’t registered for any of these classes, quickly do so now.  Registration ends April 14th, 2018. See here to learn more. Simply visit TheQEffectz Prospective Students Portal here to get all the information you need to register.

Also see: TheQEffectz 2018 March-July Registration Process

Also see: Courses & Syllabuses

Also see: How to Pay

All bag-making projects be video classes of course and you can view/download them as our student anytime from your classroom during the training period.

Other courses inclusive to these classes are:

  1. Pattern-drafting classes
  2. Sewing video classes
  3. Crafts(Knitting & Crochetting) classes
  4. Jewelry-making classes
  5. Shoe-making classes

So you can see how robust our E-training program is. We mean business!. More interestingly is that, you get to learn all of these for as low as N5,000 per training month, all from the comfort of your home.

So to join TheQEffectz E-training program now, please visit here.

For questions or enquries, please leave them on the comment box or Contact us immediately.

So till next time for more juicy update, kisses!



 1. How to make a Breast-padded six pieces blouse- Pattern & Sewing Video tutorial (Preview/ Download)
2. How to make a wrap blouse- Pattern & Sewing Video tutorial (Preview/ Download)
3. How to make a Lace embroidered padded blouse(with side peplum)- Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial (Preview / Download)
4. How to make a net-padded peplum blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
5. How to make a net-padded pleated blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) ( Preview Download)
6. How to make a Shawl-collar peplum jacket pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
7. How to make a padded off-shoulder six pieces dress with fishtail (Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial) (Preview / Download)
8How to make a pencil trousers for Clients( Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial)( Preview/Download)
9. All Sleeves tutorial (Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial) (PreviewDownload)

You can pay for any of our products above using Mobile Recharge cards, Bank cards or Transfer. Our  Paypal payment option is available to only international customers.

International customers are therefore advised to click here to see pricing in USD

 (Read more about our Privacy Policy as well as our  Refund Policy).

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