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Welcome to this week’s free tutorial- How to make a wrap off-shoulder mermaid dress as requested by Adekunle Adewunmi. We apologize for bringing this one day late darling; work no let person see road.

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Now to the main event.

What is a Wrap Off-shoulder mermaid dress?

A wrap off-shoulder mermaid dress is a dress that combines two trendy styles- Wrap off shoulder and mermaid style. While the bodice of the dress is wrapped and the neckline is off the shoulder like our photo of interest, the lower part, that is the skirt part, has its flares starting at the knee.

It’s a variant of the various tutorials we’ve treated before.

  • How to make a wrap mermaid dress
  • How to make an off-shoulder six pieces dress(with puff sleeves)
  • How to make an off shoulder six pieces dress( with train/fishtail)
  • How to make a wrap blouse(with wide sleeves)
  • How to make a wrap skirt pattern
  • How to make a wrap maxi dress

See here to download them


  1. A basic bodice block: Don’t know how to make one? Please click here to download our already existing pattern-making tutorial.
  2. A mermaid skirt pattern: Click the share button below to download the free pattern-making and sewing tutorial of HOW TO MAKE A WRAP MERMAID DRESS

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3. Pattern papers.

4. Body statistics: The body measurement needed are:

  • Shoulder to Elbow: Place your measuring tape at the tip of your shoulder and measure the distance between your shoulder and your elbow.

5. Ruler(Straight, french and hip curve)

6. Pen, Pencil, erasers


  1. Adjusting the basic bodice block: For this tutorial, you are going to need an existing bodice block drafted with your body measurements or that of your client’s. Don’t know how to do this? Please click here or simply join TheQEffectz Beginner and Intermediate class this session. Registration has already started. Click here to register now.

Moving going;

So, during TheQEffectz August-December 2017 E-training program, the beginners were taught the basic pattern-making blocks. They were further taught that these blocks can be be modified into basically any style or design through various pattern-making methods.

Thus, a basic bodice block is one of the easiest way for us to recreate our design(see cover picture).

Therefore, we can adjust this block to get precisely what we want.

So how do we do that?

Step 1: Measure your “Shoulder-to-elbow” measurement(see requirements) from the shoulders at both the front and back piece and mark

Let’s assume the distance is 7 inches.

Step 2: Join this new point to bottom of the armscye.

Our new adjusted front and back pieces are thus:

Step 3: Fold two new pattern papers vertically into equal halves and trace out your newly adjusted front piece on them. When done,  unfold your two front pieces.

Let the front pieces be called Front piece 1 And Front piece 2.

Repeat this process for the back piece,  and your back pieces will look like this:

Step 4: At the tip of the original shoulder of Front piece 1,  draw an inverted curve from left to right

Do the opposite for Front piece 2

Repeat this process for the back pieces.

Step 5. Slash through the curves you’ve made on your pieces and they will look like these

Front pieces

Back pieces

When your wrap the front pieces together,  they will look like this:

2. Removing the ‘Shoulder joining’.  From the cover picture, you can see that there was no joining at the shoulder between the front and back pieces.  To adjust for this,  kindly follow the steps below

Step 1: Join the shoulders of one of your front piece to its corresponding back piece using a glue or a paper tape.

Step 2: Place this on a new patter paper and trace all the sides 0.5inch on the new pattern paper.

Step 3: Remove your old pattern. When done,  your new pattern will look like this

Step 4: Cut out your new paper

When you fold your new pattern at the shoulder,  it will look like this

Step 5: Duplicate this piece. And you will have two pieces that consist of both front and back

When you wrap these pieces together, they will look like this

3. Making the mermaid skirt pattern: Click on any of the share button below to “Like” or “Share” our post to get access to the free pattern-making and sewing tutorial of HOW TO MAKE A WRAP MERMAID DRESS.  This tutorial contains detailed instructions on how to make the mermaid skirt part of this dress and also how to sew it to the bodice.

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When done, your mermaid skirt pattern should look like this:

Front piece

Back pieces

So that’s it darling.

Hope the tutorial was very easy to understand? Feel free of course to leave any questions you have on the comment box beneath this post. To learn how to sew these and more from me and my team, kindly join TheQEffectz E-training program this session. Registrations are currently on-going to end March 30th, 2018. See here to learn more.

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So till next time for more tutorials, kisses!

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