THEQEFFECTZ 2018 E-TRAINING PROGRAM: Registration begins February 28th, 2018

Hi sewlover,

Okay so by now I’m sure you must have noticed the massive change here on TheQEffectz. This is because we want to do better than we did the previous year. With the E-training program coming up in March, we want you to be able to navigate our site with ease and with little to no difficulty.

We’ve added a FAQs(Frequently Asked questions) page that will answer any questions you have about us, our products and our services. So feel free to check out it out, here

We’ve also properly re-arranged our pages so that you can find our tutorials(written/video tutorials) with ease and download them at your own convenience.

To check out all our written and video tutorials, please click here.

I would also love to know what you think about this change. So feel free to leave your comments on the comment box. Unlike our previous platform, you can actually leave a comment as easily as you can breathe. Isn’t  that just great?

By the way, don’t forget to contact us anytime with any problems you have navigating or using our platform. We would love to hear from you.

So with all that out of the way, I want to quickly remind you of TheQEffectz 2018 E-training program coming up by March 31st 2018. Registrations have been scheduled to begin February 28th. 2018. So save the date!

For those that do not know what TheQEffectz E-training program is all about, please click here.

For those still uncertain about the reliability, efficiency and consistency of everything online….well I’ll say it’s okay to be uncertain, however, do know this;

Learning online can go a long way to help you learn more about sewing and in many ways than not,  it can also help to boost your fashion designing career.  How? You may ask. Well we live in a technological era baby, where literally everything is possible online. So why don’t you dive in and let us show you just how possible it can be and believe me when I say the benefits will be endless.


  1. One of the great benefits of learning how to sew online is that you get to learn at your own speed and convenience.  Here on TheQEffectz online classes, classes are scheduled to fit the most appropriate time for both the students and tutors. More interestingly is the fact that our classes are pre-made, so all you have to do is log into your class anytime it is convenient for you and learn.
  2. You focus on the real purpose which is learning: Unlike physical classes, where teachers or ‘Oga/madam’ choose to send their students on errands or to even do domestic work, learning online requires you to focus instead on the real purpose at hand, which is building your fashion designing skills and knowledge. Also, unfortunately in physical classes,  very few tutors care if you are really learning, but here on TheQEffectz,  we make it our ambition to make sure you are learning through our daily/weekly tasks and assignments.  Students are also assessed monthly.
  3. You “really really” learn.  What this means is that rather than running all the time over to someone to help you out in the case of physical class where there are usually “seniors”,  you learn from your mistakes,  practice and keep practicing till you get it right.. After all you have no choice. Your money is counting.  There is also this written fact that people learn better on their own via their own mistakes and self correction.
  4. Ability to work with little to no supervision.  Online learning helps you develop the skill of working with little to no supervision.  You become your own person,  your own boss and student at the same time, which is a great managerial and entrepreneurship skill to own in the future.
  5. You are exposed to more ideas.  In physical class,  the teachers teach only what they know or have learnt, but in an online training program like TheQEffectz where you are exposed to additional study materials like e-books and researches,  you learn more ideas and ways of how to sew,  design and construct garments.
  6. And so on and so forth

But just incase you still don’t believe all that I had written,  below is a screenshot from one of our students from TheQEffectz 2017 E-training program; August-December session.

And some acknowledgement videos from others

Just Press Play »

Beginner Class Acknowledge Video 1 from Quincy Iwediokpulu on Vimeo.

Beginner Class Acknowledge Video 2 from Quincy Iwediokpulu on Vimeo.

By the way, let me quickly use this opportunity to thank all the students of TheQEffectz Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced class. Thank you so much for trusting and believing in us.

We pray and hope that this year will be greater and better.

To check out the various course and syllabus of the various classes of TheQEffectz E-training program,  please click here 

To check out the Pricing  and feature of each class,  please click here

To learn how to register and pay,  please click here 

For all related questions or concerns, please contact us or leave your questions or concerns on the comment box. Or simply check out our knowledgebase.

So once again,  thank you for reading and see you next time for more juicy update.



1. How to make a Lace embroidered padded blouse(with side peplum)- Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial (Preview / Download)
2. How to make a net-padded peplum blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
3. How to make a net-padded pleated blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) ( Preview Download)
4. How to make a Shawl-collar peplum jacket pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
5. How to make a padded off-shoulder six pieces dress with fishtail (Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial) (Preview / Download)
6. How to make a pencil trousers for Clients( Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial)( Preview/Download)
7. All Sleeves tutorial (Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial) (PreviewDownload)
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