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That is how my wedding came and went o, I never got the chance to flaunt the outfits I made, starting from my pre-wedding photo to my bride-maids’ outfits and to the bridal reception dress.

Unfortunately, right after the wedding, I had my hands full with the E-training program, working from one sew project to another, that I never really got the chance to show off.

Well, now I am in the mood….😊


So, I’m going to start with the pre-wedding outfits. For those who don’t already know, I made the outfits I wore for my pre-wedding shoot and they comprised of:

A High-waisted Short & T-Shirt

I didn’t brand the shit myself though

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An off-shoulder six pieces dress(with train/fishtail)

(To learn how to make this outfit for yourself, please click here to download the pattern-drafting and sewing tutorial)

Moving on…😋


For the traditional wedding, I made two outfits. One for welcoming my in-laws and guests and another for the wedding itself.

This was basically an armless breast-padded six pieces dress or what is popularly known as “Tube” dress in Nigeria.

The second was a Princess-cut lace blouse with double bell sleeves as well, complimented with two wrappers as it was the custom of my people.

Accessories were by Exquis pieces and Veronique jewelries. You can place an order for them here


The Bride-maids’ dresses

So I didn’t do a lot of bride-maids at my wedding because of the location; Not everyone could come for the wedding so I limited my party to just three bridesmaids and a Chief bridesmaid. And some of them were kind enough to let me share their photos.

For the Chief bridesmaid, she wanted to keep her outfit simple. It was a mermaid dress with a cold shoulder(the photo above).

For the other bridesmaids though, it was a wrap mermaid sleeveless dress.

While the bodice part of the dress was wrapped, the skirt part was made as a mermaid.

(Click here to learn how to make wrap outfits)

My Wedding Dress

Unfortunately, I didn’t make my wedding dress,at least not the one I wore into the church to take my vows.

But I did make my reception dress and I’d never been more glad that I did, because the crinoline in my wedding dress almost went out completely at the reception. I mean, I was literally holding the damned thing while dancing into the reception hall….with swag of course, so that no one would know.

So if you are reading this and planning to get married pretty soon, please invest in a second dress….just for emergency purposes, because trust me, I never regretted making mine.

The dress was a breast-padded halter high-neck mermaid dress with a train behind. I made sure the train wasn’t so long though so that I could move around more easily, after all it was meant to be a party dress.

Unlike the other dresses, I used already-made breast cups to add shape to the bodice of the dress.

(To see how to attach already made breast cups to your outfit, please click here)

The dress was embroidered in front with crystal lace fabric at the bust region and at the waist region to cover the joining.

There was also a bra strap behind to conceal any opening because I definitely didn’t want my business out there, lolx, if you know what I mean.

It was perhaps one of the most lovely dresses I have ever made in my life.

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So that’s it guys. I have finally showed off the outfits I made at my wedding.

Thank you so much for indulging me.

For any questions about the outfits, feel free to drop them on the comment boxes. Like I mentioned here, making comments in our comment section is now a lot easier than before…thanks to the changes we’ve made.

So I look forward to reading from you.

So till next time for more updates, kisses!

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