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So in TheQEffectz Beginner class this week, we looked at HOW TO MAKE A CIRCLE SKIRT using any fabric of choice plus lining. You can check out the already existing pattern-making tutorial here.

I paired the skirt with the six pieces blouse I made in my previous post. Click here how to see it and make one for yourself or a client today.

And then as a blouse instead, with palazzo(wide pants)

Take a peek into the tutorial:

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Other lessons to come this week before the Beginners class final exams on December 18th, 2017  are
1. How to sew palazzo(wide pants)- See the Already-existing pattern-making tutorial here
2. How to sew a crop top
3. How to make hair packers etc.
Hopefully, before the end of the week, these lessons will be treated so that students can have more time to prepare for their examinations.

For this reason, students are thereby advised to start revising their lessons.

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So till next time for more juicy updates, kisses!

1. How to make a Lace embroidered padded blouse(with side peplum)- Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial (Preview / Download)
2. How to make a net-padded peplum blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
3. How to make a net-padded pleated blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) ( Preview Download)
4. How to make a Shawl-collar peplum jacket pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
5. How to make a padded off-shoulder six pieces dress with fishtail (Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial) (Preview / Download)
6. How to make a pencil trousers for Clients( Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial)( Preview/Download)
7. All Sleeves tutorial (Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial) (PreviewDownload)
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