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Okay, so this week on TheQeffectz Beginner class, we embarked on our first sewing project- How to make an easy blouse. After several weeks of theoretical works and projects, it was refreshing to start our very first project.
 Here is a peek into the tutorial

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Now, remember that TheQEffectz E-training program goes beyond just showing you the ropes on how to do this or do that. One thing that makes us different and unique is our “Student Assessment feature” which enables a student to be assessed monthly via Attendance, Assignments/tasks and Examination. Unlike other training program, we really do care that you are learning.
Also, we have bonuses like free sewing ebooks, E-patterns, sewing videos that you can access from your student resources’ page. In additional to the lessons we provide, we challenge you through further research and studies.
There is also the treat that in every session, the top five students from the Beginner class graduates to the Intermediate class for free for the first month. Meaning, TheQEffectz handles the cost of teaching you for the first month of your graduation. You pay absolutely nothing!
This treat is not excluded to the beginners alone. The top three students from TheQEffectz Intermediate Class graduates to The Advanced class for free for the first month. Just like the beginner students, we forgo the cost of the teaching the graduated students from the Intermediate class for one month.
I bet you can’t get this anywhere else.
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“This Melchizedek was king of Salem and a priest of the Most High God. As Abraham was coming back from the battle in which he defeated the four kings, Melchizedek met him and blessed him and Abraham gave him one tenth of all he had taken.(The first meaning of Melchizedek’s name is “King of Righteousness”; and because he was king of Salem, his name also means “King of Peace.”)”- Hebrews 7:1-2


1. How to make a Lace embroidered padded blouse(with side peplum)- Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial (Preview / Download)
2. How to make a net-padded peplum blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
3. How to make a net-padded pleated blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) ( Preview Download)
4. How to make a Shawl-collar peplum jacket pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
5. How to make a padded off-shoulder six pieces dress with fishtail (Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial) (Preview / Download)
6. How to make a pencil trousers for Clients( Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial)( Preview/Download)
7. All Sleeves tutorial (Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial) (PreviewDownload)
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