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What is a High-low Dress?

A High-low dress as the name suggests, is a dress whose length at the front is shorter than the back. It was first introduced as skirts but can now be incorporated in shirts, blouse, jackets, and of course dresses. So today, I’ll be showing you how to draft out a pattern for one. Thus, this tutorial is both Beginner and Intermediate-friendly.



1. Super wide Pattern Paper: Six super wide pattern papers and these could be newspaper, cardboard or scrap fabrics.
2. Already made blouse/crop top or Basic bodice pattern: This will serve as reference
3. Pen/pencil/marker
4. Measuring tape and ruler
5. Tracing wheel


 To make a High-low dress pattern for a Non-Stretch fabric(like the one above), you’ll beginning by (a) Preparing the bodice, and then (b) Preparing the circle skirt/peplum (c) Making the “high-low”

(a) Preparing the bodice: To prepare the bodice, you will have to make a crop blouse(for beginners) which comprises of a ¾ bodice, that is, a bodice which stops on the waist/belly. For Intermediate sewists, make a basic bodice pattern using your measurement or that of a client.

Don’t know how to make a basic bodice pattern? Click here.

This section will be divided into (i) Making the front piece and (ii) Making the back pieces (iii)inserting darts.

(i) Making the front piece: To make the front piece of the bodice, fold your pattern paper into equal halves, and then place the front of your already-made blouse-for beginners (which should already be folded into equal halves), on the folded area of your pattern paper.Trace the sides of your already made blouse an inch away from your already made blouse on your pattern paper but stop at the waist/belly region. The 1 inch is to accommodate for seam allowance.

When done, remove your already-made and your front piece(still folded in equal halves) will look like this:

When you open it up, it will look like this:
For intermediate sewists, repeat the process above using your bodice pattern.

(ii) Making the back pieces: To make the back pieces, fold your second paper pattern (which should be bigger in length than your front piece) into equal halves. Place your front piece 1.5 inches away from the folded area and trace all its sides on your pattern paper. The 1.5Inches is to accommodate for zip allowance.

When done, remove your front piece and cut out what you have traced. Your back piece (still folded in equal halves) will look like this:


Cut through the folded area to create two pieces. When you open up your pieces, they will look like these.
For intermediate sewists, repeat the process above using your bodice pattern.

(iii) Inserting darts: See how to insert darts, here.

When done, your front piece with darts will look like this:




While your back pieces with darts, will look like these.


(b) Preparing the circle skirt: See how to make a circle skirt, here .

When done, your circle skirt with zip allowance will look like this:


(c) Making the “High-Low”: To make the high low, following the steps below:
Step 1: Open up your circle skirt and cut into two equal halves, separating the front and backs piece. Like this:



Step 2: Fold the front piece back into equal halves. Like this:


And then, measure from the folded area, the distance between your waist and knee and mark.

Step 3: Draw an arc from the knee point to the non-folded area, as shown in the photo below

Step 4: then cut through the arc you have made and your front piece still folded in equal halves will look like this:


When you open it up, it will look like this:


And you are done
Pattern for High-low Dress




Circle skirt


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