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Hi beautiful people
So in case you missed this tutorial
Here is a Recap
I came by this photo on Wedding Digest few weeks ago and decided to throw a pattern-making tutorial on it for you guys. By the way, you can make a request for any style you want me to make or treat as a tutorial, by simply clicking here. You can even upload a photo of it if you want. As you all know, I’m currently on my sewing leave, so the only projects I’m involved in, at the moment, are those that have to do with my wedding. So I can only treat pattern-drafting for now. Hopefully, I’ll back to sewing more stuffs and of course making tutorials on them when TheQEffectz E-training classes begin. 
By the way guys, if you haven’t signed up for the any of the classes, I honestly do not know what you are waiting for. There are so much we have in store for you…so much. You can simply click here to sign up/register or here to learn all about the E-training center.
As far as I’m concerned, I think this is going to be the best sewing experience you will ever have. The classes are not only affordable( I mean common!, where on earth would you find sewing classes that are free or are for N5000?), they are also going to be online, meaning that, all you have to do is subscribe to a data plan, get your sewing equipment ready(see here to buy them if you do not have them already)  and learn how to sew from the comfortable of your home. There won’t be some man or woman breathing down your neck or sending you on an errand instead of teaching you. I mean what could be more fulfilling than that?.
Also, there are going to be sewing videos, resources, live streaming classes(hopefully) to help you along the way. It’s going to be so great, trust me. I’m most excited about it because I’m going to be setting up my private sewing studio for all of these(yeah that is the first thing I intend to do with hubby’s money 😉), so that you can watch me.
I’m shy on camera though but because of you guys, I’ve decided “to hell with shyness” and I promise to do my best to make sure you enjoy every bit of it.
As for the other tutors(you can see how they are here), they are going to be giving you sewing videos as well. I’m sure they are gearing up as I type this.
So please if you haven’t signed up for the classes, please go sign up now. Deadline is August 30th 2017.
Now about our Net-padded peplum blouse pattern. This tutorial is a variant of our previous tutorial: HOW TO MAKE A NET-PADDED PLEATED BLOUSE PATTERN. They are similar because they both explain how to cut a padded blouse, but they also differ in the sense that, while a Net padded pleated blouse pattern explains how to cut the precised neckline of its featured blouse(see here) and also how to know the right amount of fabric to use as pleats, this tutorial-How to make a Net padded peplum blouse-explains how to cut the style below on fabric and also how to cut the high-low peplum attached to it.
It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s a peek into the tutorial.

How to make a net padded peplum blouse pattern from Quincy Iwediokpulu

Simply Slide away by clicking on the ➧  button
 You can also view this on large screen by simply clicking the two invert arrows that you can see on the right side or simply, click here to download the short version of the tutorial
To download the full tutorial, please click here or click on the “Buy Now” button below to pay for just N200/$0.65. Remember, that you can pay via either Paypal(for International customers only), bank cards, local mobile recharge cards(for local customers only), bank transfer/deposit or paypal(for international customers only).


Learn how to use our various payment methods, here.

International customers are advised to click here to see pricing in USD.

So till next time when I have something juicy up my sleeves, kisses!




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