Hi sewlovers!
So do you reside outside the shores of Nigeria and beyond and would love to gain access to our paid sewing tutorials, pattern-drafting tutorials and E-patterns? Are you a Non-Nigerian and you would love to join our Whatsapp community? Well you can now get all of our products and of course services from our International stores and pay via either bank cards(credit/debit cards) using our secured payment portal- 2checkout , Paypal or via bank transfer.
It’s easy really.

Simply click here to check out all our available products in US Dollars and pay.

For those who would love to join our whatsapp community, simply send a whatsapp message to +238030971467. Membership fee $0.32. You can also pay via Bank cards, Paypal or bank cards.
I remember receiving a mail from one of our loyal followers who resides outside Nigeria. She was of the opinion that we should conceal the fact that we are a Nigerian franchise, since it is well known all over the world that Nigerians are fraudsters, scammers or whats not.
According to her, there was a 98% chance that no citizen outside the shores of Nigeria would patronize our business. So lying we are not Nigerians, may boost sales for us and all that. Well first, I did thank this follower for her thoughtful opinion. The fact that she really wanted us to grow on cyberspace goes a long way to show that people do actually care about us and I want to say a big thank you to all of you. However,  honesty is one of my life policies and this virtue does not steam from the fact that I am a Nigerian. It’s steams from the fact that I’m a proud christian. For me, that will always come first.
Besides that, everything born here on TheQEffectz is genuine. They were born out of hardwork, dedication and commitment. If we put them up for sale, it’s because we have really worked hard on them and think they are worth something.
Nothing, absolutely nothing is from anyone or anywhere. They are ours, or back-linked to the original owner.
So no, I don’t think hiding who we are will make us a good business franchise. We are Nigerians and we love what we do. We can only hope that as an international customer, you would see our efforts here and appreciate them enough to buy from us.
We do have a privacy policy and of course a Refund Policy. Please check them out to get familiar with how to use and pay for products on our site.
So with that said, quickly go visit our international store and download our sewing tutorials straight to your mobile devices, laptops or pcs. You can pay easily via Paypal, bank cards(with the help of 2checkout) and bank transfer.

So still next time when I’m back with more juicy updates, kisses!

Cover Photo-credit: Mohawkcollege




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