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Okay so the rains are seriously here and it’s time to keep ourselves warm. The good-news is, we can do this and still stay trendy while at it, which is why I’ve prepared a tutorial for you guys on How to make a pattern for a shawl-collar peplum jacket.
Alot of people have asked why I teach more of patterns than sewing. Well, this is because generally, sewists have a lot more problems cutting fabrics than sewing them. They may have an idea on how to sew a particular style, but how to cut it, is usually a problem. As a sewist, you’ll agree with me that sewing pieces of fabrics together is easy but cutting them is usually the difficult part.

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I do encourage beginners, apprentices, and of course members of TheQEffectz Sew Whatsapp community to always use patterns first before sewing any style and design. This is because patterns will not only help give an idea of what you want to make, it will also give you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments, correction or alterations that you need to do, before cutting your desired style on fabric.
Imagine cutting out your client’s fabric only to realize that you made no allowances for zipper or that you’ve cut the neckline/armhole too deep. This means you’ll have to cut out another piece of his or her fabric thus, resulting in wastage.
I’m sure you’ve heard cases of clients complaining that their designers waste their fabric, this is because those designers do not bother to make patterns first before sewing. So they end up redoing and using more fabrics than necessary for correction, adjustments and alterations, when the simple solution would have been to use patterns first.
Also, using patterns would help you easily trace out your design on fabric without brainstorming. It will also help you know the right amount of fabric to use; the benefits are too numerous to mention.
It’s unfortunate that in Nigeria, not every one understands patterns or how to use them. This is why right here on TheQEffectz, we spend more time teaching you how to make them yourself and even how to modify them into other designs.

See patterns as cutting a particular style on fabric and you will never have problems cutting fabrics ever again.

How to make a shawl-collar peplum jacket is thus a pattern-making tutorial. See it’s related style below:


You’ll not only learn how to make a pattern for it but also how to cut that pattern on fabric.

Take a peek:

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So till next time for more updates here on TheQeffectz, kisses!


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