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Okay so during my conversation with members of TheQEffectz Whatsapp community(don’t forget that you too can be a part of the community. Simply send a whatsapp message to 08030971467. Membership fee is N100 only), I got to learn that a lot of you still have problems making six pieces dress, especially the beginners. So I’m here to remedy that. I will be giving you this tutorial(that was once for sale on my online shop) to you for free. You can check out other ‘for sale’ variants like How to make a padded off-shoulder six pieces dress(with puff sleeves) and How to make an off-shoulder six pieces dress(with fishtail).
It’s my way of saying thank you for being patient with me. I know we haven’t been doing much this year because of my wedding preparations and all that. So it means alot to mean that you still visit here often(yeah I see your views), download my tutorials and even buy the ones that are up for sale.
Thank you so much.
Now, this tutorial is for beginners only and it contains both how to draft out your six pieces pattern and also how to cut them on fabric and sew them. Thus, this tutorial is both a pattern-drafting tutorial and a sewing tutorial.
Please note that being a beginner in my books, mean you do not know much about sewing(that is, you are just starting out, experimenting and can only sew for yourself). So if you are doing the opposite(that is, you sew for friends, clients/customers), you are not a beginner. So please refrain from downloading this tutorial.
Also, let me quickly chip in that this applies to Beginners too. Don’t download tutorials that are specific to only intermediates or experts sewists unless you want to experiment. Whenever these tutorials are put up for sale here, I always specify which class of sewists it is applicable to, because I know the certain level of comprehension required. It will be difficult for a beginner to comprehend a tutorial meant for intermediates. As much as I want to make money from doing what I love doing, it is also important to me that you get value for your money well-spent.

I have also been receiving complaints that all we do here is teach how to draft patterns. I am afraid this is not true. We have so many sewing tutorials, both free and for sale and you can find them here or download them from our freebie page here.

As earlier mentioned in my previous post, the reason I am currently teaching only pattern-drafting tutorials, is because I have to focus on only sewing projects relating to my wedding. However, to prove to you guys that I know what I’m doing when I teach these pattern tutorials, there will be a pattern-drafting and sewing tutorial about this blouse(see photo below)
Photo credit: WeddingDigest
I made one for myself, so I’ll be throwing a tutorial on it before the end of the week
 So watch out for it.
Don’t worry, we are going to be having so many sewing projects on TheQEffectz E-training centre come this August. So if you haven’t signed up yet, please sign up now. Registration closes August 30th, 2017.
You can learn more about this here.
Before I breeze out let me quickly remind you to go over to @idealmodelsconnect on Instagram to vote TheQEffectz as “Fashion Blog of the year”. Your vote and those of your friends counts. So please share this vote and help us solicit for votes. It will mean so much to me if we bring this award home on August 19th, 2017.
So please vote now as voting will end 31st July 2017.


 Also don’t forget about the opportunities opened here to help you make more money from doing what you love. You can sell your own fashionable items, like Already-made/tailored clothes, shoes, bags, fabrics, jewelries, crafts, sewing books, epatterns, sewing machines(new/fairly-used) and so on and so forth here on TheQEffectz
You can put them up on sale via our online shop/forth-coming mobile app. To learn more on how to be a part of this, simply click here or call/whatsapp us on 08030971467.
So till next time with more juicy updates kisses



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  1. Am so happy to bump into this site,and proud to see a young beautiful woman like you doing what you love perfectly. I hope to reach this stage of sewing techniques in my chosen skill as a sewist someday. Big hug!

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