Happy Eid Al-Fitr to all muslim QEffectz lovers, sewists,  customers and of course friends.
Happy holidays you guys
Okay so I’m here to quickly remind us of how to get more than one of our products as a single order without having to make multiple orders because I know alot of us are not yet familar with online purchase. So It’s simple really. If for instance you want to purchase more than one products at the same time,  take for instance HOW TO MAKE A NET-PADDED PEPLUM BLOUSE PATTERN and HOW TO MAKE A NET-PADDED PLEATED BLOUSE PATTERN,  all you simply have to do is this:

1. Visit our Online Digital Store

2. Choose your preferred Online Shop depending on your location.
Reside in Nigeria? Then click here to visit our local online shop to see prices in naira(N) and to choose your preferred mode of payment.
Don’t reside in Nigeria?  Then click here to visit our international online shop to see prices in dollars($)

3. Scroll down to see The SEWING TUTORIALS section.

4. Select your preferred product by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart‘ button. DO NOT PROCEED TO ‘CHECKOUT‘, if your intention is to buy more than one product.  Return to the online shop and select more products to add to your cart.
See screenshot below.


The name of these products will appear as a list in your cart as shown below.

4. When satisfied with the number of products selected,  proceed to ‘Checkout‘ to enter your name and billing address.

5. Choose your preferred mode of payment

  • For payment via ‘Paypal‘(International customers only),  you will be redirected to my personal paypal payment page.  See here to learn more.
  • For payment via ‘Bank cards(Credit/Debit card’),  you will be redirected to a secured payment page powered by 2checkout(for international customers only)  or CashEnvoy(for local customers only).  See here to learn more
  • For payment via ‘Local Mobile Recharge card(Nigerians only),  you will be redirected to your mailbox to await further instructions on How to pay via local Mobile recharge card. These details will be mailed to you via our Sales Department. So please be patient and await this mail. (See here to learn more)
  • For payment via ‘Bank deposit/transfer’,  after selecting this option,  you will be redirected to a page that contains all the relevant information you need to make payments via bank deposit/transfer. (See here to learn more)

6. Submit, and we will take care of the rest.

So you can see how easy it is to make payments for multiple products at once without making individual orders for all of them.  It’s as easy as ABC.  However,  if you still have questions,  please leave them on the comment boxes below or send a message via our Whatsapp customer service portal @ 08030971467 or call us via the same line.  Our 24 live chat is also available,  so feel free to chat live with one of our customer support representatives at the bottom of our site page.
Once again,  thank you for reading and happy holidays




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