Hi Sew lovers!
So on behalf of the head of our Advisory Team- Omolade(see who she is here), we are going to be sending in a couple of sewing, pattern-drafting ebooks and patterns  into TheQEffectz Whatsapp group starting today. Yes Today!!!! Each day, we will send one E-book until we have exhausted all that we have. There are over 20-25 E-books we have to distribute, including those that we already have.
Apparently, this wonderful lady started a temporary whatsapp group for this purpose, but the group is very full now. So sorry, you can’t join in. I couldn’t even get in. So crazy. lolx.
Everyone wanted to be a part of it. So with her permission, we will sending these e-books into the group for free, and also they will be up for free download in our E-book center
So if you haven’t joined this community yet, let me just say….hmm you’ll be missing alot. You can join by simply sending a message to 08030971467 and Nicole will guide you on how to proceed. Don’t forget that you have to pay N100 to join. This charge is per annum(that is yearly) because we need these funds to keep the group afloat and to set up competitions when we get the chance.
You can pay via local recharge cards, bank transfer or via paypal(international customers only).
To learn more about our community and what it is really all about, its benefits, schedules and programs, please visit here.
So till next time, kisses!



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