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Okay, so it is my pleasure to announce that TheQEffectz is one of the proud sponsors of Miss Figure-Eight Beauty Pageant organized by Ideal Models Connect-My family. For those who don’t know, there was a time yours-truly was a model; a time when my inner goddess wanted to make shakara till heavens dropped; a time when despite my lack of decent height, I wanted to walk down runways and show off people’s clothes and designs. You might be wondering, why didn’t you? Well, God called me to a different purpose that wasn’t that far off from my dreams to be a model. Apparently, He wanted me to be a different kind of model-one that inspires and challenges other women to be better than themselves, better than their circumstances, better than what they could ever imagine. Although, there were days I really wished I didn’t have to choose between being a fashion designer and being a full-time model. 
I loved modelling and still do and that is why I’ve never been able to stay away from anything related to it.
And that is why I’m also here to invite you to become the next world wonder; to become that confident, beautiful and intimidating woman you are meant to be. God gave you those curves to flaunt…let noone tell you otherwise.
Ideal Models Connect, aka I.M.C was the modelling agency that groomed me to become the woman I am today. They showed me that it wasn’t about my bow-legs or my ridiculously long neck, but the fact that there was a light in me waiting to come forth; waiting to shine. They thought me how to carry myself, walk with confidence and in all those damned heels lolx. Ideal models connect showed me the sophistication in modesty and simplicity. I became a different person after they were through with me. I became the founder of TheQEffectz!
And now, they are giving you that opportunity to live your dream of  becoming a queen, not just any queen….The Queen.

And you also stand the chance to win an official car!!!!!!!!!!
Campaign tour to 8 African Countries.


The procedures are quite simple:
Step 1: Purchase the entrance form for only N5000 form anywhere in the country with the following details:
Bank Name: First Bank
Account Name: Ideal Models Connect
Account number: 2022328582
Step 2: Then send your name, age, state of origin, your payment ID(this could be your deposit slip or transfer reference number), email address to 07069689844 via either SMS or Whatsapp.
Step 3: Wait for the Audition which is scheduled to hold on 1st July, 2017 at Zodiac Pob and Resort(No.24 Port Harcourt Crescent , Off Gimbia Street, Area 11, Abuja. 
Time: 11am
Step 4: Stand out!!!!!!!!!!!

Requirements for The Audition

While coming for the Audition, please note that you will need to be dressed in a white tank-top and black/blue bumshort and heels.
For more information about this, please use the following contact details:
Call/Whatsapp: 07069689844
Facebook: Miss Figure 8 Nigeria
Instagram: @mf8naija
Email: mf8naija@gmail.com

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So till next time on more updates, kisses!


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