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Okay, so I was supposed to bring you guys How to make a man’s trousers or pants today, but I was unable to finish the tutorial. Yeah I’m still working on it, so I decided to bring you guys this quick lesson on Pattern-making known as “Slash and Spread” because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it.
 So for those hoping to see the tutorial on How to make a man’s pants or trousers this week, I am so sorry. Surely you will have the tutorial next week.

What is Slash and Spread Method?

So for those that do not know, Slash and Spread Method is a pattern-making technique that ultimately involves altering a pattern to create a new design. The word “Slash” simply means cut and of course the word “Spread” means to make bigger and wider.
Unlike it’s counter-part “Slash & reduce” which involves altering a pattern to reduce the shape or design(e.g Princess dart-See how to make a princess dart/seam-), slash and spread method helps to create fullness to a particular design. This method is mostly used to create easily A-line outfits and also to adjust for pleats, gathers, flare etc. It can be used to convert a basic blouse block to an A-line blouse; a simple sleeve to a buff sleeve, depending on the design in mind.
So today, I’ll be showing us with the following illustrations below, how to apply this method in pattern-making to create new designs using a straight skirt pattern as an example.
Step 1:Using a basic straight skirt as an example(see here to download the tutorial on HOW TO MAKE A STRAIGHT SKIRT), let’s assume this is one side of my straight skirt pattern; with the dart already indicated in front.
Using my ruler I’m going to make random lines of possibly equal portions from top to bottom on my pattern.
The number of lines inserted on your pattern should be based on how full you want your pattern to be.
Three lines is usually a fair number of lines to insert on your pattern, if your goal is to create an A line skirt. Four to more number of lines will likely create a circle skirt.(See How to make a circle skirt pattern)
Step 2: Cut through your lines from bottom to top, stopping at the end point of your dart.
Then cut from the top but not completely through it. Leave 0.5″ uncut as shown below.
This will ensure easy movement when you spread your pattern.
Step 3: Spread your pattern.
Make sure the space in between is evenly distributed, otherwise one side of your skirt when you cut it out on fabric will be fuller than the other. If that is not your goal, then please ensure they are even distributed.
Measure if you have to, to make sure.
Step 4: Because of the spread, the top of your pattern will shift, thanks to the nipping at the top. So to keep it in place, use paper-tape(also known as sellotape) to hold the new positions of your pattern at the top.


This will also help keep the spread in even distribution.
 Step 5: Get a bigger pattern paper and place your slashed pattern on it.
Then trace all the sides.


When done, your newly traced out pattern will look like this:
Cut and duplicate and you have a new pattern for an A-line skirt
This method as earlier mentioned can also be used to make an A-line blouse or even a baby-doll blouse.
It can also be used to make an A-line gown/ a baby-doll dress
As you can see below, this method can be used to make a cowl neckline(see how to make a cowl neckline pattern)
And so on and so forth.
I hope the tutorial was easy to understand. If however you have questions about this tutorial, kindly leave them on the comment box and I promise to respond to them as soon as I see them. It will also mean so much to me if you share this post, using the social media icons at the bottom of this post.
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So till next time on more Sewing tips and pattern-making tutorials, kisses!

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them”- Genesis 1: 27


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