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By now you all know I’m a huge superhero fan and comic lover. And you’ll agree that we’ve had several reboot of batman movies over the years which featured the one and only joker as Batman’s archenemy and all time nemesis. If as superhero lovers we were made to give the names of probably our top ten villains, the Joker might most likely be among the top three. You’ll also agree with me that he is one of the most iconic characters and villains in the Batman franchise.
 However, this character has been played by several individuals  since 1966 when the first batman movie was first released.
Here is the list of actors who had played this formidable character so far
  1. Cesar Romero- Batman, Batman Movie(1966)
  2. Jack Nicholson – Batman(1989)
  3. Heath Ledger- Dark Knight(2008)
  4. Cameron Monaghan- Gotham(2014-to present)
  5. Jared Leto- Suicide Squad(2016)
  6. And so on.
Each of these individuals played various sides of the joker- the anarchist, the schemer, the killer…e.t.c and in their rights, they played it to the best of their capacity but you will agree with me, that some did well and the others…hmm not so well.
I was first blown away by the Joker played by Late Heath Ledger in Dark Knight(2008). The “Why so Serious” actor took my breath away when he played joker in the most formidable away and killed the role. I died inside when I later learnt he passed away few months after filming. To be honest, I thought no one else could play the role so well and then, there was Jared leto in Suicide squad. Even though we didn’t see a lot of joker in that movie, we did see Jared pulling his hat on this one. And I must say, seeing Joker in a short hair, was kinda refreshing.
But I think my hat dotting would go to Cameron Monaghan who currently plays Joker in Gotham. I saw episode 13 of Gotham Season three recently and I just have to say yes! yes he nailed it!.
Take a look:
The dude brought out both the sadistic and insane parts of Joker. But of course, I’m here to find out what you think.

Between Cameron Monaghan, Jared and Heath, who is your favorite joker?
Kindly take the poll below.


  1. kaaiiiiii…..this poll ehnn..cant 1 vote for more than one of them…..ok..in my opinion, they are all awesome actors that each showed different sides to the joker character…but if there's one thing that is peculiar to the joker character, its the laugh….jared and cameron have that going well for them…heath ledger barely laughed all through the dark knight movie…for me, jared and cameron are the favorite

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