HOW TO SEW A SKIRT(SERIES): On TheQEffectz Sew Whatsapp group

Hi Sewlovers!
Okay, so my team and I have put together some series of lectures for beginners on our Sew Community, that is, TheQEffectz Sew Whatsapp group which is currently the hottest place to be as a sewists or sew enthusiasts. Members of the group can testify to this.
Hi guys!🙋
One of these series of lectures we have put together is HOW TO SEW A SKIRT SERIES for beginners which will hold every Tuesdays(our Beginner’s day. See more here) till we have exhausted the chapter. Although we are going to continue here on our blog with TheQEffectz Men Sewing Project as earlier mentioned. This weekend we will be looking at how to make a Male Agbada, so don’t miss it.
So if you are a beginner and can already use a sewing machine, but have no clue how to make a skirt or you  simply want to improve your sewing skills when it comes to making a skirt, then you should join us. It’s N200 per annum.
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Simply send a message to +2348030971467, answer few relevant questions and you’ll be added.

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This series of lecture will include but are not limited to the following:
    1. Explaining the different kinds of skirt, however we will be focusing on the basic which is Straight Skirt. After then, making other types of skirt will be easier to attain.
    2. How to cut out a skirt pattern: This lecture will elaborate and possibly elucidate the requirements needed as well as the procedures necessary in making a skirt. Also, it will provide an insight on how to cut one.
    3. How to draft and sew skirt darts: The different types of skirts as well as how to make those necessary for a skirt will be elaborated
    4. How to attach a zipper
    5. How to attach different types of band
    6. How to hem or fold the bottom of the skirt.
So if you are out there and in dire need of how to properly make a skirt, then please join us.
At the end of these lectures, there will a competition among the beginners. The person with the most voted skirt wins free airtime courtesy of TheQEffectz Sew Whatsapp Admins.
So get on board now and join our community of sew lovers, beginners,intermediates and experts.
For more information, simply leave a comment on the comment box or contact us via our contact form or via 08030971467 or send a mail to or chat live with one of our customer representatives at the bottom of out site page.
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So till next time for more updates here on TheQEffectz, kisses!

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