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While I’m still coming around with my first gist for the year, I stumbled on a written analysis of the latest fraudulent hookups happening on Instagram as written and compiled by Social Faculty. You can see more of them, here( they specialize in all things relationship…I mean all things) so follow them on Instagram @socialfaculty and as always don’t forget to leave your opinions and thoughts about it on the comment box below. I can’t wait to read what you think.

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Beware! Fine Instagram Girls Are Getting Scammed And Raped.
This should have come earlier but it’s never too late to do the right thing, right?
Before we inform everyone (especially ladies) about the two reigning scams on social media, we want to stress the importance of sharing bad experiences with friends and relatives, even if not for anything, but to prevent them from falling for the same misfortune.
One of the saddest things about a girl getting scammed or raped is the fact that the girl protects the crime and criminals while protecting her image. By keeping an awful experience to yourself, more and more people fall for it. The criminals know this and that’s why they keep doing it. This has to stop, #SpeakUp.

1. Babe, He Didn’t Send You Any iPhone. It’s All Scam.

A guy sends you a cool message, you check his profile, you see nice expensive pictures of him living the good life abroad. He tells you he likes you and that he can do anything to prove it. He knows you don’t use an iPhone or you don’t use the latest one. He offers to buy you iphone7. You agree, afterall, there is no harm, he lives in London or USA, therefore sex is not in the picture.

The next day, he has already sent you a (generic) picture of him in the mall and asks you what colour of phone you prefer. He sends you a picture of your new phone and purchase receipt. You are so happy. Oh what a sweet guy!.

He says he will send it immediately via express courier and you will get it the next day. He sends you package details and phone number of the person to call for pickup. The next day, you get a call from the courier company that your package has arrived. They ask where you live, if you live in Lagos then your package will be in faraway Abuja and you’ll have to pay a certain amount to get the package. The rest is history. Some very unlucky ones travel that far to the courier office only to get stranded on a fake address.

2. That Classy Babe On Your Inbox Might Be Your Next Scammer.

There are so many reasons why social media accounts of fine girls are often hacked.

A fine classy lady with thousands of followers sends you a message and compliments how beautiful and classy you are. She says she likes your way and would like to be friends with you so that both of you can give out contacts to each other.

You understand.

So you agree. Why not? Afterall, you can see how big and classy and expensive her profile page looks. She must know big men.

Few days later, she tells you about this wonderful rich guy that needs a classy girl for a quiet time together.

You understand.

She tells you she is sure the guy will gift you a new phone and nothing less than 500 Dollars for your time. She would have gone to see him if she wasn’t away in Ghana. She reminds you not to forget her own commission. You agree. A quiet time and 500 Dollars shouldn’t hurt.

To be safe, you suggested to come with a friend and he is very okay with it. “The more the merrier,” he said.


You arrive at the fine hotel. You hear his foreign accent. You see all his nice gadgets and expensive fashion. You get comfortable. Your drink is spiked with a popular drug. You pass out. Your phones, your money, jewelries, ATM cards, shoes, bags, etc.

Oh, he must have had his way sexually, you are still sleeping. His friends came too and had their ways, you are still sleeping. You wake up with a faint memory of how it all happened but a resounding reality of what has happened.

Ladies be careful

To add to this article, I would say our brothers are also getting scammed or abi no be so?

1. You see fine girl, got all the right curves in all the right places. Model, nice!. only wears brazilian hair. She must make her own money. So you inbox her.  She doesn’t reply immediately. perhaps three days…a week. You compliment her and ask to meet her up. She says not yet. She would have to check her schedule. In your head, she must be a very busy lady. Busy ladies are independent. So you leave her be and cyberstalk her instead. Facebook, linkedIn, more facebook and then snapchat. She is really cool and classy.

After three days. she says ok. Dinner at one of those expensive restaurants. You scratch your head. No enough bar yet. Office has not paid. So you borrow. You pimp up…right shoes, right gear, right color. You see her, you are blown away. She is way hotter in person. Two three dates and then a call from her.

Her mother is ill, she is still waiting to be paid in the office. You understand so you scratch your head. No enough bar. Recession. Bag of rice is now something-something. You forgot to hag. So you borrow.

Later, a text, she is stuck in traffic, her car broke down. You scratch your head. No car. So you borrow.

Two days later, she needs N100, 000 to contest for a beauty pageant. Will reimburse you when she wins. You scratch your head. You have already sent money home. So you borrow. Afterall she will win.

She calls. They will not pick her unless she settles. How much? half a million. You whistle, scratch your head…..and then borrow.

Two days later….account deleted, phone non-reachable, Home address? nobody with such a name.

2. You hook up with a fine girl from Instagram. You loved her pics. She is a fashion stylist on instagram. Swears no waisttrainer. Right size of boobs and her backside, to die for. She loves to swim, plays board games and PS too. your right kind of woman. She loves to cook too? Oh boy why waste time.

Picnic in the park. you’re made so why relent. Shopping…icecream and sharwamma. You are a cheerful giver. Samsumg notebook for her as main phone. Iphone 7 as side chick. hehehe you don’t mind spoiling her.

She needs half a million. Money sent immediately. But you are yet to get to third base. She says she can not stay out late. Stays with parents. No problem. You understand. You will get her her own apartment

Aunty moves in. Loves the place. Night comes. She says you must go. Why nau? No sex till you are married. You scratch your head. She is a christian. You understand

Next day, you propose. She loves the ring but no third base. You scratch your head but visit in the night pretending to be drunk. Aunty can not come and chase you nau so she lets you in. Same bed…same duvet. You want to touch but……..Everything is silicon.


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