2016 RECAP: Thank you for hanging with us!!

Hi guys! 
With the year gradually drawing to an end, I want to say a big thank you for hanging with me this year; for making a home with us here on theQEffectz.  Thank you all so much.  You made this year one of my best blogging experiences ever.  Despite the challenges we had getting opinions,  participations and contributions from you guys via our comment boxes,  it was still great to see your views;  to know you were taking part in our classes and reading our conversations.  I enjoyed reading your mails and contributions on social media.  

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This year as we all know, hasn’t been the easiest for us especially as Nigerians, but God in His infinite mercies has been faithful.  More interestingly,  the year 2016 despite its ups and downs turned out to be one of my best years.  I did not only meet the man of my dreams(who would become my husband in a matter of months)  I also grew mentally and spiritually as an individual.  I was also able to push myself beyond my boundaries through your requests, questions and demands to sew better. I was also able to get other visionaries involved in what I do and guess what? I built a team;  a team of fierece and God-fearing writers. 
Wow! Indeed it has been a great year
Also, I was able to meet you(yes you reading this!). Even though we are yet to meet physically,  I love you for joining us here;  for reading my articles,  for taking out time to view my posts and those of other writers. None of these could have been possible without you. 
God bless you! 
God bless you for reading my stories and gists. God bless you for participating in our September Sewing competition.  God bless you for even mailing us or sending your concerns/reservation via our whatsapp portal.  You have no idea how much joy i feel knowing that our tutorials are of great help to you to the point that you do not even mind paying to download them. God bless you so much. I hope we didnt let you down?.  I hope the tutorials were very easy to understand and you were able to take what you had learnt, and made it into something incredible? 
Don’t forget that whenever you sew,  you can tag us on instagram @theqeffectz and we will repost your outfit.  It is paramount to us that we keep inspiring you in both the world of sewing and creative writing. It is our dream to contribute immensely to the society by helping to build more independent and financial sufficient individuals. 
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Also with your help,  participation and involvement(by contributing on our comment box, reposting our posts on Instagram and sharing our posts using the social media buttons at the bottom of every post), we are certain that 2017 will be another great year. But just before I give us a rundown of the various activites we have lined up for the year 2017, here is a recap of all the tutorials,  gists and stories we had this year. Simply click on the title if you missed out on them

Pattern-making tutorials:

  1. How to make a skater dress pattern
  2. How to make a hoodie pattern
  3. How to make a wrap skirt pattern
  4. How to make a maxi dress pattern
  5. How to make Female trousers pattern/ jumpsuit pattern
  6. How to make a six pieces dress & off-shoulder blouse pattern
  7. How to make an overlap/wrap peplum pattern
  8. How to make a cape dress pattern
  9. How to cut out perfect necklines
  10. How to cut a perfect shirt collar/collar-stand pattern
  11. How to make a turtleneck blouse pattern
  12. How to make a cowl neckline pattern
  13. How to make. Corset pattern
  14. How to make a high-low dress pattern
  15. How to make a padded blouse pattern(using princess seam) (most popular) 

 Sewing Resources

Sewing ideas/lessons

  1. How to make a padded off-shoulder six pieces dress (most popular) 
  2. How to sew a padded blouse(using already-made breast cups/pads) (most popular) 
  3. How to make a shirt dress (most popular) 
  4. How to sew an A-shaped dress
  5. How to add or attach a zipper fly to pants/trousers
  6. How to sew a skater dress (most popular) 


    Crafts and D. I. Ys

    Stories,  poems and tales

    1. Fatal attraction(coming soon in pdf/epub) 
    2. Love unrequited
    3. A little taste on the side
    4. Tales of lakin
    5. Family secrets
    6. The switch


    1. Is masturbation really a sin? (most popular) 
    2. Having an affair with a married man/woman (most popular) 
    3. Doing runs (most popular)
    4. When the other person does not want children (most popular) 
    5. Nigerian parents vs Sex education
    6. Is it wise to tell your partner everything about your past? 
    7. When you are sexually attracted to someone else (most popular)
    8. Juju in the workplace
    9. Why being too independent as a woman can be a bad thing
    10. So what is wrong with clubbing? 
    11. When we get married,  can we watch porn? (most popular) 
    12. When we all want god-fearing partners
    13. Boo,  can you lend me some money? 
    14. How do you know he/she is the one? (most popular) 
    15. Have you ever dated/married a partner with depression? 
    16. Would you remain friends with your ex? 
    17. Lazy daters
    18. Would date/marry a single parent? 
    19. So what is wrong with sexting? 
    20. Who has the right to an ‘unplanned’ pregnancy
    21. Monitoring spirits
    22. When your partner comes from a dysfunctional home (most popular)

    Sunday digest

    Missed them?  Simply click on each title to enjoy them 

    Coming 2017

    1. The Q effectz men sewing project
    2. The Q effectz whatapp group
    3. The Qeffectz mobile 
    4. More stories eg.fatal attraction(which will be made available in pdf,  epub format.  Read more here),  tales and poems
    5. More gists/gossips of course
    6. More words of wisdom
    7. More sewing ideas and lessons
    8. E-patterns for free and for sale
    9. Children sewing project
    10. More crafts and diys
    11. More sewing inspirations
    12. More sewing competition , writing challenges and quizs
    13. Finally…. Sewing videos and downloads. 
    Feel free to leave on our comment boxes, ideas you think we should enforce here on theqeffectz.  For complaints or concerns,  simply send us a mail via info@theqeffectz.com or fill our contact form here.
    Don’t forget to leave your requests for any male sewing tutorial you want us to treat here on theqeffectz because for the first three months come 2017, we are going to be treating tutorials relating only to men. 
    Read more here
    Please don’t be left out! 
    So till next year darlings
    Happy new year in advance!!!

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