Hi guys
So The Q Effectz December Sewing Competition has been postponed. This is due to the low turnout, interest and entries by you guys.  I feel very sad and totally discouraged because it seems I can not get you guys to get involved with what we do here.  What’s most painful is the fact that I see your views, yet no participation from you guys in anyway…No comments..No entries for even the quarterly sewing competition that is expected to motivate you to sew better. 
So I’m just…sad😢

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Personally, I had hoped you guys would take it alot more seriously, and see the benefits. TheQEffectz wasn’t just set up so you could spy in and download our free tutorials, it was set up to also be as interactive as it can be, to build you up and keep you interested in the art of sewing. The least you can do in return,  is encourage these writers and sew tutors via comments or get involved in the activities set up to help you, because believe me, it’s not easy doing this. It takes alot of hardwork and precision to pull this off. Alot of you think blogging is a lazy form of expression but it isn’t. It’s a job and all we’ve been asking is a little support and participation from you guys.  We’ve not  been asking for anything else.
The Q Effectz Sewing  Competition was free.  Entry and participation was free and there was even a reward for the best outfit,  shoes, bags or crafts.  It might not have been alot, but it was something.
See more about TheQEffectz Sewing Competition here
More intriguing was the fact that it was meant for beginners only. We were not in search of the best outfit,  shoes, bags or crafts, but one that was appreciated by your own friends,  loved ones and the general public. All you had to do was get your friends,  family and the general public to vote for your outfit by liking it on our facebook page. So it was sad to know you thought you had to make the perfect outfit to get involved in this competition.
Anyway, I have to go.  I’m sorry if I sounded very harsh on my post today. I’m just so sad  and depressed. I really wanted to appreciate you guys this holiday. I wanted to express how thankful I am by rewarding  the best outfit/designer this year. As much as I appreciate your views and visits,  I want you to get involved with what we do there.  Sewing is no fun without your participation and involvement. So I’m hoping that the next quarter would be better. I’m hoping you will get more involved in the next sewing competition. I have faith in you. I believe you will. 
So please, make encouraging us via comments, sharing of our posts(via the social media icons below) and participation your new year resolution. Help us make you sew better and see you on the other side of 2017. 
Don’t forget our Whatsapp Group will be opened soon. So if you haven’t added us yet on whatsapp,  quickly do that now. 
Read more about this here
So till next time,  from me to you… Merry Christmas and a happy New year. 

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