MAKE YOUR OWN SHIRT- “Check” it out!

Hi Sew/Style lovers
Welcome to this week’s style inspiration and we are going to be looking at shirts, more interestingly, check shirts.
I love checks! oh you need to visit my wardrobe, it’s filled with check outfits; ranging from baby-doll gowns, straight gowns, waist coat and so on.

You can literally buy my soul with a check fabric
There are days I actually go the fabric store to buy fabrics only to be totally lost when my eyes fall on check fabrics. I absolutely don’t know why.Maybe I’ve been bewitched by the god of checks .lolx

(See more of the outfits I’ve made HERE)
I absolutely love the prints. Besides Polkadots, check fabric are one of my most favorite pattern fabrics and you can make them into anything you want.

Shirts, gowns, jackets,jumspuits, rompers and so on and so forth. 

So make a shirt this weekend, preferably with a check fabric and spice up your wardrobe with something other than a plain shirt or Buba and wrapper. 

As much I’d love for you to become an expert in making skirt and blouses or six pieces or the regular Asoebi demands, I’d also want you to make eventually everything and anything and that includes a shirt.

 So don’t forget to tag me on Instagram when you make one @ housedelaq. Can’t wait to see what you’ve made.

Tutorial on how to make this check shirt including the E-pattern will be coming soon here on TheQ Effectz. They will be made available here, so keep watching that space.
Remember also that our sewing competition for the month of September is still on-going. Entry and Submission is FREE. So if you are yet to upload an image of the outfit you’ve made, please do so here. If you are yet to make an outfit, kindly do so quickly as entry and submission closes Friday, 23rd September 2016; 11:59pm, while voting begins Saturday, 24th September, 2016 12 noon(see more details HERE)
As a beginner or intermediate dress maker, tailor, fashion designer, craftmaker, it is important you take part in this competition(see more HERE). This will not only expose your gifts to the world, it will expose you to more intriguing fashion ideas and concepts and challenge you to be better. You also stand the chance to win something from us on the Q Effectz.
So till next week for another sew/style inspiration, Happy sewing!

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