Hi Sew lovers and Style Lovers
It’s time for our style inspiration of the week
And we are going to be looking at Jumpsuits.

Remember that the whole point of putting this collection of outfits for you to look at, is simply so that you will be inspired to make them yourselves.
Here, on the Q effectz, our intention is to motivate you as a fashion designer, tailor, dress-maker, seamstress or craft lover to indulge in styles that might look complicated or difficult and make them on your own(See our own collection of sew-to-wear outfits, here). 
In sewing, practical efforts and trials are important. Without them, you can not become better. 

 So get out of your comfort zone today. Make something you’ve never made before; something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Make Jumpsuit today.

Jumpsuits as we all know is a kind of outfit that combines a bodice and trousers/pants. Ideally, this style originated from the uniform worn by factory workers/labourers, parachuters and skydivers.

However, in recent times, these outfits have been introduced into the fashion world and can be made using  basically any kind of fabric and for basically any kind of event, social gathering and even as asoebis. 

So I hope i’ve been able to inspire you to try something different today?
To learn how to cut a Jumpsuit pattern, click here to download our pattern making tutorial. Don’t forget to share the outfits you’ve made with me via Instagram @housedelaq or on twitter, also @housedelaq. 

I can’t wait to see your work.

So till next time on more style inspiration, enjoy the rest of your week.

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