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But for today’s conversation, there has been controversy about the kind of outifts women wear to church. Among the top five outfits-short skirts, tightfitted trousers, v-necked tops and open-back blouses-body hugging outfits have been listed among the forbidden and as believers of God, I have come to find out what you think

Is wearing body hugging outfits really that wrong?

Those in support of these outfits say there is nothing wrong after all, these outfits come in modest designs, sometimes longer than the knee, long sleeved and most times as turtle necks. As long as they do not expose any body parts, there is nothing wrong with them.

But ironically, these outfits aggrandize a woman’s curves giving her that sexy and enticing look, if we are to be honest with ourselves. And with the recent societal body shift where lekpas no longer ruled the world, bigger and curvier women are encouraged to own their bodies . Gone are the days when big or curvier women hide behind circle skirts or flare gowns. These days, it is ‘bigger the better o’ or putting it more explicitly, the curvier, the better. So when a curvy woman wants to slay, body hugging outfits do the trick.

Put a lekpacuous human being like me inside a body hugging outfit and you’ll be looking for the hips. So my point is, these outfits seem to work better with curvier women but then the issue is, should these women stop wearing them to church because they are curvy? Should they even wear them at all?
According to a friend, “No be the same God give them the body,so why should they wear them somewhere else and not to church?

Some people believe that as christians every outfit we wear should be acceptable to God anywhere church or no church. So if you are a lawn tennis player, your circle skirt shouldn’t be short or are you going to the beach? wear long skirts and not bumshorts. They say as Christians, the rule of wearing clothes based on events or locations shouldn’t apply to us otherwise we will not be modest in our dressing. But there are also christians who believe that when it comes to lust, appearance has nothing to do with it and same can be said for women wearing body fitted outfits to church. It is men who want to lust, lust. The outfits have nothing to do with it.

However, antagonists insist these outfits cause distractions in the church. Rather than for a brother to be focusing on the sermon, he’ll be there wishing the aunty in front- with the tight gown-would just stand up and shout halleluyah so that he can have a proper view of her backside.

This even reminds me of the time I was in church. It was thanksgiving Sunday-being the first sunday of the month- and unfortunately in my church, it is customary for everyone to file up to the altar and drop their Thanksgiving offering in the offering basket. That day,there was a cameraman covering the service.

I had just returned to my seat after dropping my offering, when the brother next to me exclaimed ‘damn!’ At first I thought he had dropped his phone or something but the tone of his exclamation suggested otherwise so when I looked up at him, I noticed he was looking at the projector on the wall instead. Apparently, the camera man who had been bumped into, had swayed to one side, so the camera was busy covering one Aunty in a body hugging dress, shaking her bumbum to the rhythm of the thanksgiving songs.

But if we are to really condemn body hugging outfits,then six pieces gowns must follow too…straight gowns too fa and let’s not forget every other fabric that clench to the body. Are they not also body hugging?

But what’s your take o jawe. Are you for or against wearing body hugging dresses to church? Do you think it is right or wrong to wear them to church? Or do you think that as christains we shouldn’t even wear them at all?

Looking forward to reading what you think so kindly leave them on the comment box below.



  1. It is wrong cos it leads us into temptation. An avenue for the devil to take over some heart in place meant to be holy. But it should be tolerated so that they can find Christ along the way. Many will not be thought before they know what to wear to church

  2. My dear it is very wrong because while seeing that in church it always prompt some kind of bad thoughts in guys. woman body structure itself tempt even when dressed well because the boobs will always point out, not to talk of wearing tight dress that shows every shape. I don't know why some ladies can't just respect themselves even before God

  3. Hmmm….the way i see it, its 2 sided..in the sense that, regarding the men..i believe strongly that if your reason for attending church is genuine, there's no type of dressing that can make you think anyhow…i speak for myself..i am not one to stare anyhow at ladies, whether church or otherwise..personally i feel its just downright rude to stare at ladies..when i go to church, i mean business..maybe cos of how my journey in Christianity has been, when i'm in church, i don't joke with that moment at all….on the flip side, some ladies just overdo it, overdo it to the extent of looking extremely trashy….you know u r curvaceous, yet they would dress to attract too much undue attention….there's nothing wrong with being moderately dressed…to church or anywhere else for that matter….clothes don't have to be too 'figure hugging'

  4. I agree with Adewole. I feel if you're going to church for the right reason which is to seek God's face, then it should be His face you should be seeking so you can find Him. Personally as a lady, I won't wear body hugging dresses to church not because I don't feel comfortable in them, I love how God has created me and If I wear body hugging clothes it will definitely bring attention and I am not one to bring that kind of attention to myself. Not every guy is like Adewole, the devil is in the church and he is looking for whom he can use to lure people to sin and as for me oh, I don't want to be his agent.
    Ladies should dress well, dress in a manner that will glorify God and not themselves.

  5. Thanks sweet for your thoughts but what about outside the church? as xtians do you think we ladies should wear these outfits or are we allowed to tempt men outside the church and not in the church?

  6. Lol! Ermm Well like I said ladies should dress in a manner that will glorify God and not themselves. I wear body hugging dresses outside of sometimes depending on the fit and how much it covers.
    There are some body hugging dresses that are modest, like the picture you have for the cover of this post, that dress is not bad, it's long sleeved and it stops just little above the knee. Most ladies over do it with the dressing jare, dresses like this already defines your shape but they still want the one that the back slit is all up to their butt, or the opening in front basically shows everything it's by the grace of God the boobs are not dropping out sef and they will wear that to church justifying it with God sees the heart and not the outward appearance… okay oh!
    Body hugging dresses are not bad, they just need to be worn more decently inside and outside of church. It's always about Christ for me, asking myself all the time, "will this please Him?".

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