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It’s time to talk Game of thrones…Especially the recent season-Season six- airing right now on HBO. Well, for those who know me personally, you all know I’m a ‘die-hard’ fan. As  a matter of fact, I wanted to wait till the end of the season to see it, but you see, the conji that affects the eyes, did not allow me to preserve for four more weeks (when the season will draw to the end and we would have to kiss the show goodbye till another year).
 So if you are like me that wanted to wait or is yet to catch a glimpse of the show, please move along! This conversation is for those that have been following the show. However, if you do not mind the spoiler alerts that will come with this review, read on.
So Game of thrones Season six(with 6 episodes so far) has been the most mind blowing and captivating season so far(in my opinion). For those of you that have read the books, you’ll agree with me that this season has been an eye opener, with the following revelations:
1. How the White Walkers came to be: Thanks to Brandon stark and his missionary journey to meet and become the three eyed raven, we’ve learnt through his visions how the white walkers came to be.
Brandon stark & the three eyed raven
The children of the forest-some ugly looking creatures with green skin-who were reportedly the original inhabitants of Westeros wanted to stop their extinction(caused by the First men)so they created a weapon-now known as white walkers-using dragon glass, to stop the humans from killing them. Well we can all see how all that turned out. They still got extincted by their own creations.

 Children of the Forest
2. How Hodor became “Hodor”: Remember the big mute that carries Brandon Stark up and down? Well he didn’t become “hodor” by accident. Thanks also to Brandon’s visions, we saw how the future in more ways than one affected the past. Hodor(Original name “Wylis”) became Hodor or rather could only speak a single word “Hodor” because Brandon ‘warged’ him in the past from the present and all that resounded in his ears while that happened, was “Hold the Door”. You would have to see episode four of the season to get the whole picture.

Young Hodor “Wylis”

3. Where Rickon had been all this while: My brothers and sisters, finally o! I think we went through two seasons(Rickon was last seen after parting ways with his brother-Bran- in season 3) without knowing where little Rickon had been-the last child/or son of Ned Stark. He had been with Osha all this time in Last Hearth(the seat of House Umber, whose lord Greatjon Umber was a loyal bannerman of the Starks) but unfortunately that didn’t work out well because he was later found and bargained with, with Ramsay Snow.

Osha &Rickon

By the way, if you guys see Ramsay Snow, let him know that I think he is the baddest villain ever, batman villains and superman villains combined.

And by the way, he isn’t  Ramsay Snow or Ramsay Bolton anymore…he is now Ramsay Bolton-Warden of the North. The dude murdered his own father, baby brother and step mother in cold blood. The last two, he simply fed them to the dogs.
 4.How Jon Snow came back to life: Remember Priestess Melisandre, the  Red woman? Well she pulled one of her voodoo tricks and thanks to the seven gods, he was brought back to life.


5. The true physical Image of The red Priestess: I think the one that cut most people(especially me) to the bones was this.
This is Priestess Melisandre, yeah?

 Well, without that bracelet around her neck….this is how she really looks like…..
Wait for it….
Still waiting?

Yeah!me too..
The most ground breaking revelation ever and now people are wondering….
“What about her?”


But with all the mysteries that have been revealed so far, I caught a very huge plot hole in the show-The sand snakes.

Something about how Prince Trystane was killed doesn’t add up.

I’ll show you.

So as we all know from the previous Season(season 5),  Ellaria Sand(Prince Oberyn’s lover) poisoned Mycrella( Cercei Lannister and Jamie Lannister’s only daughter) as revenge against Prince Oberyn’s death in King’s landing. In the photo(below) we could see her with the sand snakes on the shore watching as the ship sailed away to King’s landing. So they were definitely not on the ship.

 But it was on the ship headed back to King’s Landing-while Jaime Lannister was busy trying to tell Mycrella that he was her father- Mycrella began to nose bleed, slumped and died.

Apparently before then, Prince Doran had told Jaime Lannister that Prince Trystane(His son and Mycrella’s betrothed) would go to King’s Landing with them to represent him in the small council. So it was assumed Prince Trystane was with them on that ship when Jamie Lannister and Mycrella sailed off to King’s landing.

However, when the ship arrived at King’s landing, Mycrella was put into a boat and sailed to shore. Thus, it was obvious that Jaime Lannister had no plan of letting the ship get to shore.

 And his reasons were well stated in the letter sent to Prince Doran(content revealed by HBO).

But right before the Sand snakes were shown in the boat trying to kill Trystane, this was shown:

Which gave the impression that the ship was just leaving King’s landing(Sails up) so it begs the question, how did the Sand Snakes(except they now have dragon wings) get from Dorne(which is a kingdom on its own, so I’m guessing that it must be pretty far from King’s landing) to the ship if they were clearly not in the ship when it sailed away from Dorne.

Did they vanish, do they have magic?

Well, I’ll leave you guys to help me figure it out. How do you think they got to King’s landing without even another boat in sight? Well, i think this is a huge plot hole, what do you think?
Would really love to know your thoughts. And also, if you have any other plot holes you’ll like to share, kindly do so, on the comment box below

Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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  1. Madame Q….you want to ruin this series for us abi…i wee nor gree…u do have a point tho..that's quite the plot hole…had to watch that entire episode again to see it..but as much as i loveeeeee the series, i somewhat think that this season was kinda rushed cos they didnt follow the book…anyway i love the series sha…plot holes or nah

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