Hi story lovers!
Come this June, featuring every Tuesday and Saturday is a tale I wrote several years ago called “Little taste on the side”-LTOTS and I’m sure you are already wondering, what the story is all about. Well I wish I can let the cat out of the bag for you guys but ehemm…I think it’s better you just read it yourself starting this weekend. It’s a short story though, not as big and detailed as Fatal Attraction but you know me, as a mystery writer, it is my duty to keep you at the edge of your seat. So believe me when I say LTOTS is going to do just that for you. So make sure you are not told this week. Come this Saturday, LTOTS premiers live with a more in-depth plot and with a captivating twist..
But for those wondering: what about Fatal Attraction?
Well Fatal Attraction is still in the works to become an e-book to be made available for easy download. So come July or August this year, God willing, it will be made  available here and in most available e-book stores. So if you missed out on it when it featured here for closely three months, you’ll get the chance to have the whole story for yourself….and it will be all yours.
If however, you are interested in sharing your stories, our doors are and will always be opened. Simply send me a mail at thequincyeffect@gmail.com and you will have your story displayed live right here on the Q effectz. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced writer, share your stories with us and we’ll give you the best audience to share with.
So till next time story lovers, enjoy the rest of your week!.
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