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Yes. It’s you I want

All the way to the restaurant, Dima kept thinking about had just happened.
Why had he kissed her like that? What about Cleo? She wondered. “Is it that he is no longer with her? Have they broken up?
Dima had noticed a coolness between them the previous week but took it as simply a case of lovers spat. Maybe it had been much more than that. For some reason, hope swelled up in her heart once again but she quickly quelled it. Don’t get ahead of yourself, she cautioned herself. It could have been a momentary weakness, don’t read too much into it.
But the kiss Buchi had given her hadn’t been that, what else could it had been? Could he have kissed her simply because he wanted to? Maybe, he finally realized she was all that he wanted.  Dima pondered.
Maybe, maybe, maybe. But what about Cleo?
Those thoughts just kept warring in her head all through her dinner with her new boyfriend and she could hardly concentrate on him. Hell, She could barely eat.
Not long into the dinner, Jide-her new boyfriend noticed her distraction.
“Is everything alright Dima? You look peevish.” He asked concerned.
Snap out of it girl. There is a perfectly handsome and nice man in front of you and he brought you to a nice restaurant, the least you can do is be here with him.She admonished herself.
She looked around the restaurant, it was a lovely place and she had not been there before. The ambience was somewhat romantic and the food was really good as soon as she ate of it. Dima looked up at Jide and caught him staring at her.
Does he expect me to praise him? She wondered not in a way thrilled about any of it. He had an expectant look and so, she decided to indulge him.
“This is a really lovely place, Jide.”
He beamed. “Yes, it is.”
“So, is this where you bring all your ladies when you want to impress them?”
“Nooo. You are special, so something special for you. This place is really expensive, you know.”
Typical Nigerian man.
She noticed he didn’t deny the ‘ladies’ part
 “Hmm hmm.” She replied. “I bet it is.”
“So, tell me about yourself.”
He took her hand on the table. Gently, Dima pulled it away and sat back. She didn’t want him touching her. He was not a bad looking guy, in fact, some ladies might even call him handsome, but he was not Buchi- who was apparently messing with her head with his hot and cold attitude.
Dima caught herself thinking of Buchi again and again, she scolded herself and focused on her date. After all, the plan was to date him and forget Buchi and she had every intention of trying, kiss or not.
The rest of the date passed in a blur and at the end of it, Dima could not remember what they had talked about. All she knew  was that Jide tried hard to impress her. She smiled at him as he helped her out of her chair and followed him out of the restaurant.
He insisted on dropping her at home and they got to her apartment in record time. Dima was about to open the door when suddenly, he caught her hand and drew her back. He brought his lips to kiss her and she offered him her cheek just in time. He pulled back and looked at her quizzically.
“Thank you for a lovely dinner, Jide.” She smiled
He cleared his throat. “Erm, you are welcome.” He answered coldly, obviously flustered.
Dima smiled again. Did he expect us to get down and dirty in his car? She thought sarcastically. Still smiling, she got out of the car and waved at him. It had actually took a moment for him to compose himself before he waved. After he did, he drove rather speedily away.
Well, I guess that was that. Dima thought as she watched his car disappear down the street.
Dima got to the door to her room before she remembered she had left Buchi in a hurry without even shutting her door.
Was he still here or did he lock it and keep the key somewhere?. She wondered as she looked at her wrist-watch which read a little past eleven which could only have meant that he was long gone. She decided to call him as she turned the knob of her door, only to find it unlocked. She walked and there he was, sitting on the couch with his phone in his hands.
He looked up as she came in and sat up quickly. “Hi Dima.” He said
“You’re still here?” she asked standing warily to look at him.
“Yes I am.”
“Why? Shouldn’t you be at home with Cleo? Won’t she be worried?”
He didn’t answer her. “Come sit, will you?”
He got up from the walked, walked up to her and then took her arm as he led her back to the couch. Dima started to wonder why she was being treated like a guest in her own house.
“How was your date?”
“Fine.” She answered curtly. “How is Cleo?” she demanded
He simply looked at her and then touched her cheek briefly. “Did you enjoy your dinner? Where did you guys go to?”
“I did. Dunes restaurant.” She shrugged
“Wow, that guy must be loaded.”
Dima shrugged again. “I guess.”
“That’s like one of the most expensive restaurants in town. The guy must be really into you.”
Something in Dima made her want to exaggerate a little. “He is. He really likes me.” she smiled, although the smile didn’t get to her eyes.
Buchi looked at her. “I like you too. In fact, I think I’m in love with you.” He said quietly, still staring into her eyes.
Dima’s knees suddenly felt knee again. If she had not been sitting, she was certain she would have fallen to the ground. She was speechless. Buchi caressed her cheek again and then, she found her voice.
“What about Cleo?”
“Cleo is no longer in the picture. I broke up with her last week.”
“Oh.” That explains a lot then.Cleo’s anger and impatience all through the week. Dima had wondered  what could have been her sudden change in attitude…now she knew.
“Yes. It’s you I want. I want to be with you.” He said earnestly
Dima’s heart soared with joy. She had been thinking and praying it for almost all day. It seemed God had finally answered her prayers. She couldn’t wait to tell Michelle.
“What do you say? Would you like to be my woman?”
“Yes, yes.” Dima answered enthusiastically, flinging herself into his arms. He hugged her tightly to himself and began to kiss her. Dima returned his kiss eagerly, happy to finally be in his arms which was where she had always belonged.
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