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So there have been speculations about a female Bond. Now hold your jugulars, this is merely just a rumor or rather there have been a certain class of individuals hyping for the change. There have been a lot of tweets recently, calling for a female Bond instead, after Daniel Craig made the announcement that he was no longer going to be James Bond after “Spectre” in the 007 movie franchise, reasons unknown to me. But from the little birds whispering in my ears, I learnt he was leaving because he got tired of the role after playing it for a decade now

“The best acting is when you’re not concerned about the surface” He told CNN entertainment. “Bond is the opposite of that. You have to bothered about how you’re looking. It’s a struggle. I know that how Bond wears a suit and walks into a room is important. But as an actor, I just don’t five a f**k about what I look like!”
“So I have to play with both things. In a way that work, as that’s Bond: he looks good and doesn’t give a f**k what you think he looks like!”
If you ask me, I’ll say I’m totally relieved he would no longer be James Bond. Inasmuch as he had been able to successfully bring in enough revenue for the franchise for over a decade, I never liked him. I don’t know about you but he just seemed too rigid and not sexy enough for the role-My opinion though.
For those who don’t know or have never heard of a “James Bond”(although I would be prompted in my spirit to ask what planet you are from), James Bond is a movie character from the 007 franchise created by Iam Flemming. James Bond is more or less an adaptation from the novels with the same title. Since the death of Fleming in 1964, there have been eight other authors authorized to continue the franchise. 
The story is basically centered on an intelligence officer in the Secret Center Intelligence popularly known as MI6 and James Bond’s code number is 007. He is apparently gifted in combat, arms and somehow seem to an excellent pilot. before Daniel Greg, who played the role since 2006 starring for the first time as James Bond in “Casino Royale”, there have been however  seven other actors, some of whom had done excellently well while others, not so much.e.g Daniel Craig…in my opinion.
But anyway, news reaching me suggests that people are tired of the male cliche` angle of the franchise and want a female version-Jane Bond to be played by Gillain Anderson. Now if you’ve been a fan of X-files,. you’ll know who I’m talking about. She played the main role of F.B.I special agent Dana Scully and has won several awards included but not limited to Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild awards for her other major as well as supportive roles in Tv shows and movies and fans think she would be perfect for the role of Jane bond.
What do you think?
Now there are people who do not think it would be possible to have a female version of Bond considering the whole franchise is about an alpha male who speaks in foreign accent and beds women with foreign accents as well.
So what would Jane Bond be doing?
They also emphasized on the fact the the whole 007 franchise since 1962 had maintained a certain tradition of fast cars, Martinis and black tie suit. James Bond apparently is still the only male that wears black tie in this generation. There is also the fact that on the original author paperbacks, the author wrote:
“James Bond- The man every man wants to be and every woman wants between her sheets”
James Bond is thus the Lancelot, Siegfried, Mike hammer. He’s a man, meant to be a man, destined to be a man. According to antagonists, the filmmakers knew this and that is why making the character female would not only be the most dumbest idea but also the stupidest.
but what do you guys thin?
Should there be a female Bond or not? if yes, why? and if no, please be kind to leave your reasons on the comment box below
Also if you are totally against the idea, who do you think should be the next James Bond and please don’t say Idris Elba.
Looking forward to reading your thoughts.


  1. Female bond? Nah… tradition is tradition.. huge sum of money is invested in producing one of the bond movies… trust me, a female bond movie wnt go well with the market. It will surely occassion a huge loss of investment on the producers.

  2. A big No…am a big fan of bond's movies. I don't know why i felt Daniel was too serious for the role. He doesn't strike me as a work hard,play hard kinda guy. I loved Roger Moore and pierce bronsnan. I wish Chris hemsworth was british…

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