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“Well, that went well”

Three months had gone by and all Dima and Buchi did was work together. Dima was forced to get a small self-contain room where she could stay when she visited Abuja because she just couldn’t bear to be in the same house with Buchi and Cleo. It was hell seeing them together.
Buchi was however, still the ever caring guy and it made it even harder for Dima to let him go. It seemed the more he was out of reach, the more she wanted him. When she was awake, she would think of him ceaselessly that it would reflect in her dreams. Everywhere she turned, it seemed she could never avoid him and the feelings he evoked in her. She decided to let those feelings loose in her music. Every songs she wrote became all about unrequited love.
Every night, she would call Michelle and Michelle would insist she fire Cleo and tell Buchi how she truly felt but Dima couldn’t do that. Inasmuch as she hated seeing them together, she couldn’t bring herself to fire Cleo. The girl was just too good at her job.
Therefore, Dima decided to go out with a guy who had been asking her out for a while now and the guy’s name was Jide. She figured if she could see other guys, her feelings for Buchi would evaporate. So when Jide came by the studio and rendered his usual spiel, she agreed to be his. Eve though Dima was not attracted to him in anyway, she decided give it a try. Anything to let go off her forget her feelings for Buchi.
As she was preparing for her night out, she heard a knock on the door of her tiny apartment. She rushed to the door and opened while still trying to wear her earrings.
“Hello Dima.” She heard Buchi’s voice.
Quickly she looked up and saw it was really him. He had never been to her room since she moved in and Dima wondered what he was doing there.
“Hi.” She managed a reply and contained her surprise.
“Surprised to see me?”
“Emm that would be an understatement. You’ve never braved the door of my apartment before, so what’s the occasion?” Dima asked, allowing him into the house and then gestured for him to seat.
“Yeah I know.” He answered taking in the appearance of the room.
“No occasion. I just wanted to come see your place and catch up.”
“Catch up? Really? And you didn’t call first? What if I was not at home?”

“Well, we didn’t discuss any engagement tonight and I figured since I’m your only friend in Abuja, you’ll be in.”
Dima rolled her eyes. “My only friend indeed. As you can see, I’m on my way out so you figured wrong.”
How dare he waltz into my house and expect me to drop everything? But he still looks good though. She thought, trying not to stare at him.
He looked up sharply. “Out?”
“Yes, Buchi.” Dima replied impatiently. “Will I be dressed like this if I’m just staying indoors?”
He looked at her closely. “No, I guess not. You look beautiful though.” His gaze lingered too long on her mouth.
Dima shifted uneasily. What do you want Buchi? She thought. I’m trying to get over you and you pull this kind of stunt?
He kept staring at her and Dima had to clear her throat to get his attention. “So, Buchi we’ll have to do this some other time?.” She asked but he didn’t seem to have heard her. He just kept looking at her and Dima started to get quite uncomfortable.
“So, where are you off to?” he finally asked.
Dima shrugged. “Dinner.”
“Oh? With who?” he asked, trying so hard to sound casual.
“I don’t think you know him.”
“Try me.”
“Jide.” Dima shrugged again.
“Jide who?”
“Oh please Buchi, why the third degree? I have to go. I’m running late.”
“Dima, really you don’t expect me to let you go out with a stranger in a strange land? I’m just looking out for you.”
…And that offended Dima.
Looking out for me. Are you really?
“Don’t worry about me Buchi. I’m a big girl and can take care of myself.”
“Dima please.” He took hold of her hand as she was about to pick her purse, halting her. “I can’t let you go in good conscience. I’ll be worried all night.”
Dima saw the sincerity in his eyes and her heart lurched. He still cares, she thought with elation. “Buchi, I’ll be fine.” She said softly. “You don’t have to worry about me.”
He still wouldn’t let her go. “Is he at least coming to pick you?” he asked.
“No, I’ll get a cab.”
“What? The least he could have done was come pick you. You are not going Dima.”
And that only infuriated Dima even further. She became so angry that she could literally hit something. All the mushy feelings she had a moment ago had suddenly disappeared.
“He offered but I refused, I don’t want him coming here. Besides, who are you to tell me what I can or cannot do? I don’t have to explain myself to you.” she hissed.
“I’m your friend. I care about you.”
Dima relaxed a bit. “That’s right, my friend. And that’s all you are. I already told you I’ll be fine.”
“Do you want me to be more?” He asked, out of nowhere.

And Dima was thrown off track. “I’m sorry….What?”

“I asked if you want me to be more?”
“More?” she asked dumbly, her mind frantically trying to process his words. “More what?”
He moved closer until the space between them was a little more than an inch. “More than friends.” He answered quietly.
Dima didn’t know what to say. She could barely form thoughts in her head talk more of lending a voice to them. She staggered towards the couch and then sat down unceremoniously. Buchi sat beside her, took her hand and looked deep into her eyes. “Answer me Dima.”
“I…I….I…” she started, looking into his eyes as her voice tapered off. Before she could go on, he claimed her lips. The kiss started off softly and then deepened into something more. Dima found herself returning his kiss with everything in her. A few moments later, she came up for air, and in those moments her senses returned..
“Oh God!” she exclaimed jumping up. “ Oh My God! Buch, I have to go!.”
Before he could stop her, she had grabbed her purse and had ran out of the apartment.
Well, that went well. Buchi thought frantically, as he stared at the closed door. He laid back on the sofa and thought hard about what had just happened. He had deliberately let Dima run off because he knew she would definitely be confused and would need more time to sort things out. After all, he had some time to think hard about his decision before coming over to her place.
He knew what he wanted and he knew it wasn’t Cleo, which was why he had broken things up with her the previous week but of course, Dima didn’t know that. He however hoped that Dima felt the same way about him as he did her, because he had no intention of doing all that dance again with her.
To be continued….


Written by Maggie Smart. Read more of her stories, HERE

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