She had her red blouse on and the blue jeans she told me she bought a month ago. There was also a blue jacket on and from where I was standing watching her; I didn’t think I’d seen it before.

Let me just quickly say this before I continue; knowing and getting familiar with my girlfriend’s clothes were one of the few simple clichés a long distance relationship afforded me with her. I mean it was the high point of everything. It even afforded me the luxury of knowing all her bras and underwears.

I knew every single one.

Whenever she went out shopping and came back with new outfits and under-wears, I was of course the first person to see them thanks to the inventors of Whatsapp and BBM. I would take the photos of her in those light cotton things, head into my bathroom and then wank the nonsense out of myself.

For obvious reasons, it was the only thing I could do to stay faithful to her.

But anyway today, she hadn’t had the time to send me any photo of how she was looking before leaving the house and so I had no idea what color of panty she was putting on underneath those tight jeans and I couldn’t wait to find out because, in as much as babe and I had not gone ‘there’ yet, we try at least to get ‘somewhere’ and for now, I was content with that.

“Hey babe!” I waved at her taking hurried steps towards her. She had her hair sprung up in her usual classic ponytail and with the absence of make-up, she was looking younger than a twenty-three years old.

She also looked wary sha; probably exhausted or maybe just completely upset, because I knew she hated to travel. Traveling for an hour never appealed to my girlfriend, talk more of seven hours-the more reason she hated this whole distance thing in the first place and had never failed to mention it-and so with the dark circles around her eyes and with her lips parted in a heavy grimace as I stood in front of her, I knew without a single doubt that she was upset.

“You look worn out” I finally muttered allowing my smile fade off.

She shrugged, looking straight ahead, her eyes glued to the three storey building in front of us. It was a UBA bank painted in red.

Ok? I allowed my head say, annoyed that she was annoyed but then I had to remind myself that we cannot both be annoyed. So I threw away my annoyance and then halted down a Keke-napep that was about to speed off. After giving the driver the address to where we were headed and haggling severely about the price, we jumped into it and headed on.

“How was your journey?” I asked trying to break the silence that was gulfing off the air around us. Somehow, I could not help but feel that this was just more than her distaste for travelling; something else was amiss… she hadn’t even glanced my way since we got into the Keke.

“It was fine” she replied solemnly her gaze falling to her fingers. She was looking at them like she hadn’t seen them before.


“You didn’t call me on your way here. I was a bit worried you know” I continued restlessly, my gaze now lost in the houses fading passed us as the Keke sped down Okpara Avenue and into Odigwe’s street.

“My battery was about to die and I wanted to save it so that I could call you when I finally arrive” She explained bringing out her dead phone from her pocket.

“Oh ok…it’s okay” I answered as I stared down at the phone that had given me high blood pressure all through the day. She had called me before boarding the bus though but all through the journey, I could not reach her and that had almost driven me mad. Even my colleagues in the office sensed my uneasiness and my boss had snapped at me occasionally about some silly errors in the documents I was supposed to prepare thoroughly.

“Is this the house?” she asked as the driver pulled to a halt while we waddled out of the tricycle.

“Yeah… you have no idea how hard it was for me to secure an apartment in this locale. Housing in PH…is just something else” I explained relieved she was beginning to loosen up but then I got no further comment after that only just another empty shrug as she stared up at the building. I pulled out her little luggage from the back of the keke and led the way into the compound.

By the way, she brought so little a luggage for what was supposed to be a two week visit with me.As a matter of fact, I was starting to find it a little bit shocking like what happens in movies. Women were known to move around with almost half their wardrobe and there were various colors of shoes and bags to match, makeups in one full purse and jewelries in another and I’ve never known my boo to be an exception. She had come with just a small bag. There were no hand bags, not even a purse…as if she had planned only a night visit.


Anyway, my apartment in the Osabi’s residence was located on the second floor of the green painted two storey building. Next to it, was a bungalow popularly known as the boys-quarters. True to its name, there were some university dudes living in that apartment and so the place had become a breeding ground for the kind of egbo smoking I have never seen in my life and then, the drinking, partying and of course…womanizing. I didn’t think I had seen the house ever free of girls since I moved in.

Some nights ago, a girl had rushed out of the house and from my window; I had seen that she was partially nude, crushing her clothes and her shoes to her chest as she ran. Her loud shriek and yelling had been what had woken me up from my restless sleep.

Because the night had been so moonless, I couldn’t tell what complexion the girl held, only that she was bottle shaped and her lingerie were in full view under the dim light of the fluorescent tube illuminating the compound. It made me think of my boo- that longing to see her again if you know what I mean but anyway, back to this particular girl.

She had raced out of the house crushing her clothes to the chest with one of dudes, the dark-skinned one, they called Collins on her heels. He was yelling and calling her all sorts of foul names, demanding she left his ‘house’ and the compound. This girl was weeping eh, I felt so sorry for her that I didn’t even know when I took the stairs down and then waddled into the compound.

“Hey, are you alright?” I asked reluctantly as I moved closer to her.

The babe glared at me through wet eyes as she began to dress up, pretending to be ignoring my presence and the fact that my eyes were now feasting on her. Closer now, I had noticed she was light skinned with a skin as flawless as a baby’s bottom. She was beautiful with full big lips and eyes shaped like a fish’s. Because she had nothing on besides the bra on her chest and her underwear on her hips, I couldn’t help but notice how huge and firm her breasts seemed to fit clumsily in the bra like they were begging for escape.

Why would anyone turn such a person away? I had found myself wondering as I stood and watch her struggle to put on her jeans. I even got to notice the dimples at the bottom of her spine; and as she struggled on, her booties just kept jumping up and down like tennis balls. Soon, I was turned on. “Jesus! Conji abeg na” I muttered silently as I gnawed my teeth in anguish.

“Sorry?” she asked as she wiped her eyes and glared harder at me.

“ehemm nothing…” I retorted embarrassed at myself “ you know its late right. As in, very late?” I asked moving from one leg to the other to ease the struggle I could feel within.

“Yes” she answered choking at the word as she put on her shoes. “I can’t go home na. Not by this time of the night” she cried out “My parents will kill me”

“Oh ok…so what do you want to do?” I asked as I watched her bend over to pick up her handbag. My temperature shot up further.

“I don’t know” she answered as she looked around for a spot in the compound. A huge stone beside the power pole was in sight; she went over to it and then sat, leaving her bag on the floor. “I’ll just sit down here till morning”

“Hmm…I don’t think that’ll be a good idea. You will catch cold” I insisted walking over to where she was seated and picked up her handbag. The weather was changing rapidly with the harmattan taking a stroll round the country. These days, day times were usually as hot as fire accompanied with the dust and dirts but nights… cold as ice.

“I’m fine with that” she answered solemnly as a flash of anger crossed her eyes.

“Well I’m not. I stay alone… you can crash with me if you want” I answered not sure if I knew what I just said.

“No. Really I’m fine” she insisted pulling her bag away from my grip.

I wanted to persist but I was like “okay, if you say so” and turned to the direction of the staircase. But just as I was about to make the second ascend, I heard footsteps behind me and caught myself smirking.

One would think that was the highlight for the day but for where!

The night that day, I couldn’t even sleep or do anything reasonable despite the fact that the babe had crashed with me on the same bed. In my defense, I had only one bed and I couldn’t sleep on the floor because it was usually very cold at night despite the rug I had on it. She was lying so close that I wasn’t sure of what to do; not that I didn’t know how to go about it, it was just that….

Her lips as she slept were parted in the most arousing way imaginable and my shirt that she had worn as a night wear stopped only halfway, so I could see her thighs as vividly as a bat could see anyone at night. But my silly conscience did not allow me to see road clearly.

‘You don’t know her, it kept on saying even when she turned her enormous backside to me. She had moved so close that I was sure she could feel the bump separating us.

“Don’t forget you love her o” my conscience just kept intruding and I had to beg God for restrain.

How I survived that night, only God knew.

There was however this other day, when my colleague, Faith had rushed into my apartment complaining about how a stupid driver had splashed water on her dress. Truth to her words, her dress had been so soaked with mud that it was starting to stick to her skin. Trying to be a gentleman nau, I directed her to the bathroom to perhaps shower while the washing machine do the laundry. Soon afterwards while I was busy pressing my shirt, I heard the hinge of my bathroom door open and so I turned to its direction only to behold an Eve in my apartment.

The only thing that seemed to be missing in Aunty Faith’s hands was an apple. The babe had stood stark naked with water dripping down from her body to my rug. I swear the shirt I was ironing got burnt almost immediately because I had frozen like a cat struck by lightning.

“Sorry, I forgot to ask for a towel” she started to plead with a sly smirk on her lips

And that was how I couldn’t find my voice again.

It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured on me and I could literally see my senses fleeing like cowards.

“Do you have a towel?” she had asked again walking towards me with water dripping to the floor.

“I……I…” I had stammered sweeping my eyes all over her body. I could already feel the tightness in my groins.

Faith had crooked one of her eyebrows questionably. Her smooth face were now closer to mine that I could even feel her breath on my lips. She made to kiss me and my lips parted willingly.

“I want you” she whispered into my ears, her fingers lost beneath the polo shirt I had on after we caught our breaths.

I stood mute, my brain on override. I could feel my temperature rising rapidly. I felt so hot that I was afraid that if a pot of water was place on top of me, it would boil past one hundred degree celsius. My breaths were coming in gasps as I rested my hands on her thighs ready to explore all that stood before me but then suddenly almost like a rush, I pulled away and said

‘You aren’t her”

The most stupidest words I’d ever said in my life.

Worse I had gone to the bathroom to retrieve the towel she said she needed.

“You are a fool…I hope you know that, right?” Faith had suddenly said taking the towel from me in anger.

“How do you mean?” I asked her surprisingly calm. That however wasn’t the first time I’ve been called that. As a matter of fact, I was actually getting used to the name. Some other guys might have flared but nah, not me.

“I love her Faith” I continued ignoring her silence.

“You can still do this and love her if you want” Faith had implored a look of desperation in her eyes.

“No, I cannot. I swore to be faithful Faith. I want to be faithful” I heard myself say and it sounded pathetic even to my own hearing.

“Do you know how pathetic you sound?” Faith had asked me pulling out her wet clothes from the washing machine. “What makes you think she isn’t somewhere beneath a man?”

“She isn’t. She wouldn’t” I had insisted pushing back the anger I could feel welling up at the thought.

No, IJ will never do that to me, I had thought obstinately.

“Oh right because she is a virgin, abi?” Faith asked spitefully as she began to throw on her wet clothes. She wouldn’t wait for them to dry first, cannot blame her though.

“So we that are not virgins, should go and do what na? …throw ourselves in a lagoon?”

“I didn’t say that” I protested. I was beginning to feel uneasy about the subject and so I insisted she dropped it. I loved IJ and that would be the end of it and so, Faith stomped out.

And that I had been the story of life…few of the most tight-aired temptations I’ve passed off just to remain true to the woman I loved.

I led my darling Ij up the stairs. Soon we were at my door. I fumbled with the keys allowing my gaze sweep over her in the dim light of the dark verandah. She had lost some weight I observed, although her boobs were still as round and firm as ever. Her hips were curvier now…And Even better I thought wickedly to myself as I pushed open the door and led her into my small apartment.

I watched her glance around the room indifferent to everything, her face molded in a straight feature. She slumped on the bed and then kicked off her shoes.

“You must be hungry” I suggested dropping her luggage in the wardrobe. “Did you eat anything on your way?”

“Yeah” she answered picking up the pillow and placing it behind her to rest her back against the wall.

“Oh ok. We will go out later then. You know I don’t cook” I smiled joining her on the bed.

“I know” she answered dropping her face.

Something is definitely wrong

“Ij, you’ve been quiet since you came. You didn’t even hug me. Is something wrong?” I asked quietly

“Me? Really? Nothing o…I’m just tired is all” she answered feigning surprise as she drew her head on the pillow

“Oh ok. I should let you rest then” I smiled again rising from the bed “or do you want to bathe first?” I suggested..more of wishing. I’ve missed seeing her without her clothes….physically.

“No it’s okay…I will just sleep first. When I wake, I’ll bathe” She answered shutting her eyes while I strolled over to the wall socket opposite the bed and plugged in my charger and then her phone.

The next two hours seemed endless as I sat on the chair beside the bed and watched her sleep. My mind kept somersaulting as I tried to figure out what could possibly be wrong. We hadn’t had any fight recently, although things had been a little stale. Our chats hadn’t been as frequent as they used to…the calls seemed to have reduced to just once a week but I wanted to believe that they were because she was studying for her examinations. She promised that things would return the way they were or even better as soon as she was done with her final papers. She stirred.

“How long did I sleep?” she asked rubbing her eyes as she sat up.

“Two hours. You must be really tired” I answered leaving the seat to join her on the bed.

“Yeah I am” she answered her eyes finally finding mine and I moved to kiss her only to be stopped few inches away.

“Hian! What is this?” I asked confused

“Nothing” she answered throwing her face away.

And so, I decided I’ve had it. I rose from the bed and glared down at her

“So now, I can’t kiss you anymore?’

“No…it’s not that you can’t…it’s just that…” her voice trailed off.

“Just that what? Since you came you’ve been acting very weird. IJ, I haven’t seen you in months, seven months to be precised, because you kept putting off this visit. Worse, whenever I decide to visit you, you were always busy with one thing or the other” I found myself complaining.

I was never one to nag…Jesus, what was this woman making me into?

“I’m sorry” she replied yet there was no sign of remorse.

“For what exactly?” I asked furiously ‘the fact that you wouldn’t tell me what I did wrong or the fact that you’ve not been acting like your usual self?

“For what I’m about to tell you. The sole reason I came” she answered shifting restlessly on the bed.

“Okay?” I asked suddenly feeling lightheaded

What does she mean by the sole reason she came….? What other reason could there possibly be other than to be with me?

Hadn’t she promised me that this time would be different? That we were going to do more-go all the way?

I have been waiting patiently for this day, so what sole reason is she talking about?

“Charles, I’m pregnant” she whispered

And I think I felt the air go out.

“What?. Pregnant…but..” I asked in confusion because well except the case of the virgin Mary was repetiting itself and the Holy Spirit was doing matrix stunts with my girlfriend, how the hell did she get pregnant?

“I… I” she started to stammer

“I don’t understand” I said still not certain I had heard her right.

But I could see her lips trembling as she stared down at the floor. I realized then that there was no need for a response. It was all right there on her face, vividly written and very well expressed. There was the guilt…the shame…the fear.

Geezs! my darling Ij had been with someone else… I thought unbelievably

What the hell have I been faithful for?

The end…

(In Memory of Late Poetic Nonny)

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